Yarrawonga Mulwala Cricket celebrate successful season

April 05, 2018

Lachlan Phillips (Batting Aggregate), T.J Docking (Bowling Aggregate), Geoffrey Montgomery (Coaches Award) and Nate Williams (Most Improved).

Ben Kennedy (Batting Aggregate), Oliver Connell (Bowling Aggregate), Oliver Cope (Coaches Award) and Cohen Cuskelly (Most Improved).

Caleb Mitchell (Batting and Bowling Aggregate ), Jett Peterson (Coaches Award) and Oscar Elliott (Most Improved).

Jobe Kennedy (Batting & Bowling Aggregate ), Rudi Vodusex (Coaches Award) and Josh McCabe (Absent - Most Improved).

God Fathers Junior Champion Player Ben Kennedy with God Fathers President Graham Wilson.

Yarrawonga Mulwala Cricket Club President Terry Brear presenting a $100.00 cheque to Tahlia Thomson for her head shave for cancer in July.

Champion Award winners; Back – Dan Whykes, Josh Lawrence, Brendan Lewis, James Irvine. Front – Ned Mullins, Cory Pearn, Jack Kennedy.

Junior Cricket Presentations

Ben Kennedy claims junior champion award
Talented all round cricketer Ben Kennedy was named overall Junior Champion at Yarrawonga Mulwala Cricket Club’s presentation dinner last week.
 For the second season now, the night was held in conjunction with the Senior Presentation night, and with numbers up significantly, the evening promised to be an exciting and enjoyable night and it certainly delivered.
Whilst many youngsters were disappointed that the season was over, they were keen to celebrate some outstanding achievements and considerable improvement throughout the year.

Under 12s
First up were the U12 Bulls who were superbly coached by Marcus Hargreaves. Marcus spoke highly of the amazing improvement in his team this year and also of the enjoyment that he received from coaching such an amazing group of kids and implored others to get involved with Junior coaching if they have the desire to do so. The Bulls had a great season, finishing second to see them take on our very own Rams in the Grand Final. Whilst the Rams claimed the title, the Bulls should be very proud of their achievements this season. Well done to all!!
The first award presented was the batting aggregate and the top five were:
5. Maya Hargreaves – 98 runs @ 10.89 average
4. Oliver Cope – 112 runs @ 22.40
3. Darby Mullins – 130 runs @ 16.25
2. Cohen Cuskelly – 190 runs @ 38.00
1. BEN KENNEDY – 444 runs @ 148.00

The bowling aggregate top five were:
5. Darby Mullins and Oliver Cope – 6 wickets each
4. Cohen Cuskelly – 7 wickets @ 16.57
3. Pacey Haebich – 7 wickets @ 16.14
2. Ben Kennedy – 9 wickets @ 8.89
1. OLIVER CONNELL – 9 wickets @ 8.22
Two other awards were presented which reward exceptional improvement and abilities to listen to instruction and work hard to put that instruction into practice and match day performances and these awards went to:
Coaches Award – Oliver Cope
Most Improved – Cohen Cuskelly
Congratulations to Ben, Oliver Connell, Oliver Cope and Cohen on your awards!

The U12 Rams were next up and they were brilliantly coached by Brandon Kreeck. Brandon spoke glowingly of his team, again, highlighting the improvements made throughout the season and also speaking highly of the character within the team. The Rams finished on top of the ladder this year and, as previously mentioned, went on to claim the Premiership title. Huge congratulations to Brandon and the entire team, well done guys!
The batting aggregate top five were:
5. Cam Ford – 85 runs @ 17.00
4. Jackson Purtell – 101 runs @ 16.83
3. Geoffrey Montgomery – 193 runs @ 32.17
2. Jack Costigan – 194 runs @ 38.80
1. LACHLAN PHILLIPS – 436 runs @ 109.00

The bowling aggregate top five were:
5. Nate Williams and Xavier Mitchell – 6 wickets each
4. Lachlan Phillips – 7 wickets @ 10.86
3. Jackson Purtell – 7 wickets @ 10.14
2. Jeremy Baer – 8 wickets @ 14.50
1. TJ DOCKING – 9 wickets @ 7.44
Coaches Award – Geoffrey Montgomery
Most Improved – Nate Williams
Congratulations to Lachlan, TJ, Geoffrey and Nate on your awards!

For the first time in the club’s history, we fielded three U12 teams this season and our third team, the U12 YMCC, were superbly coached by Shane McDonald. Shane also spoke glowingly of the lads, amazed at the significant improvements made from his young team throughout the season. In what was a recurring theme for the night, Shane also spoke glowingly of the way the team bonded and played their cricket in such an amazing spirit. Whilst the YMCC team finished just outside the premiership race, they can be very proud of their achievement in ensuring the club had all three teams finish within the top five, an outstanding result! Congratulations to all.
The batting aggregate top five were:
5. Xavier Martin – 59 runs @ 9.83
4. Jesse Brogan – 92 runs @ 15.33
3. Caleb Tanner – 133 runs @ 26.60
2. Beau Birks – 235 runs @ 47.00
1. JOBE FRASER – 369 runs @ 92.25

The bowling aggregate top six were:
6. Jesse McDonald – 6 wickets @ 23.83
5. Daniel O’Brien – 6 wickets @ 19.83
4. Riley Mitchell – 6 wickets @ 19.17
3. Thomas Coffey – 6 wickets @ 16.67
2. Jobe Fraser – 6 wickets @ 14.50
1. LEVI SAUNDERS – 9 wickets @ 13.33
Coaches Award – Riley Mitchell
Most Improved – Caleb Tanner
Another individual award was presented to Jesse McDonald who achieved the rare feat of a Hat Trick against Rutherglen in mid-February. As Shane mentioned on the night, many cricketers go without achieving a hat trick in their careers and for Jesse to do so in his first year of cricket was an outstanding achievement!
Congratulations to Jobe, Levi, Riley, Caleb and Jesse on your awards!

Under 14s
The U14 Bulls were the next to be celebrated and their coach, Dale Norman, spoke with great passion of the boys and their improvement throughout the year. Dale admitted that he was not confident of his team’s chances this season but he was so impressed and proud of the way the team bonded and the tenacity and “never say die” attitude that the lads showed all season. This spirit and character took the boys all the way to Premiership glory in what Dale described as the best season he has been involved in with the YMCC. Congratulations to all involved on a truly wonderful season!!
The batting aggregate top five were:
5. Austin Willett – 92 runs @ 10.22
4. Jett Peters – 95 runs @ 19.00
3. Jyda House – 114 runs @ 19.00
2. Desi O’Kane – 190 runs @ 95.00
1. CALEB MITCHELL – 334 runs @ 83.50

The bowling aggregate top six were:
6. Dillon Kirchen – 8 wickets @ 13.75
5. Tyler Norman – 8 wickets @ 10.75
4. Desi O’Kane – 8 wickets @ 8.75
3. Jyda House – 9 wickets @ 12.22
2. Harry Barker – 9 wickets @ 10.00
1. CALEB MITCHELL – 11 wickets @ 5.55
Coaches Award – Jett Peters
Most Improved – Oscar Elliott
Congratulations to Caleb, Jett and Oscar on your awards and to the entire team on your achievement!
The U14 Rams were coached by Matt Casey this season and again, Matt was full of praise for the efforts of his team this year. All showed great improvement during the season demonstrating their ability to listen to their coach’s advice and put this advice into practice. The Rams finished just shy of the finals and will no doubt looking to go one step further next year. Well done to all!!
The batting aggregate top five were:
5. Darcy Hicks – 39 runs @ 7.80
4. William Connell – 53 runs @ 10.60
3. Hudson Gillies – 100 runs @ 20.00
2. Zac Fraser – 171 runs @ 34.20
1. JOBE KENNEDY – 202 runs @ 50.50

The bowling aggregate top five were:
5. Hudson Gillies, Rudi Vodusek and Marcus vanMaanen – 4 wickets each
4. Hugh Mullins – 5 wickets @ 11.40
3. William Connell – 6 wickets @ 13.17
2. Zac Fraser – 6 wickets @ 8.50
1. JOBE KENNEDY – 8 wickets @ 13.00
Coaches Award – Rudi Vodusek
Most Improved – Josh McCabe
Congratulations to Jobe, Rudi and Josh on your awards!

Under 16s
Last but not least was the U16’s who were coached by Brendan Lewis and Brock McCabe with brother Matt McCabe also helping out. The U16’s also had a great season, however, missed out on the Grand Final for the first time in several seasons in unfortunate circumstances. Coach Brendan spoke very highly of the team’s character and discipline which saw them perform at a very high standard again this year. Although disappointed with this year’s result, Lewy, you can be very proud of your role with this team for a number of years now. Your leadership has been instrumental in the team achieving so much success in recent times. Well done and thank you!!
The batting aggregate top five were:
5. Zac Banch – 104 @ 14.86
4. Alex Lovel – 121 runs @ 17.29
3. Max Hemphill – 156 runs @ 22.29
2. Sam Willett – 196 runs @ 21.78
1. WILL SHARP – 358 runs @ 35.80
The bowling aggregate top six were:
6. Brandon Einsporn – 5 wickets @ 20.00
5. Reece Norman – 5 wickets @ 15.40
4. Alex Lovel – 5 wickets @ 13.40
3. Josh Ednie – 5 wickets @ 12.20
2. Will Sharp – 12 wickets @ 6.75
1. ANGUS HESLIN – 16 wickets @ 5.50
Coaches Award – Oscar Willis
Most Improved – Josh Ednie
Congratulations to Will, Angus, Oscar and Josh on your awards!
One other award was presented for the U16’s which celebrated outstanding achievements throughout the season and this went to:
WILL SHARP – 101 v’s Beechworth 18/11/17 and 116 v’s Delatite 10/2/18.
Congratulations Will on your maiden centuries, hopefully many more to come for the club. Well done!!
The final award presented on the evening has become a highlight of the ceremony and that is the Godfathers Junior Champion Player. Introduced two seasons ago, this award celebrates the club’s junior champion and is calculated on a points system for runs scored and wickets taken throughout the regular season. These points are then weighted to give all age groups the opportunity to win this prestigious award. Retrospective honours have seen winners come from all age groups since the inception of the club with 3 x U12, 2 x U14 and 4 x U16 winners since the 2008-09 season.
The club would like to thank the Godfathers organization for supporting this award and YMCC junior cricket, in particular Mr Graham Wilson, who was in attendance to present this season’s award. Again, Graham spoke highly of the club and how proud the Godfathers are to be a part of this award.

The top ten in this seasons Godfathers Junior Champion Player were:
10. Angus Heslin – U16’s – 271.8 points
eq 8. Cohen Cuskelly – U12’s – 283.5 points
eq 8. Beau Birks – U12’s – 283.5 points
7. Zac Fraser – U14’s – 296 points
6. Jobe Kennedy – U14’s – 362 points
5. Jobe Fraser – U12’s – 440.1 points
4. Caleb Mitchell – U14’s – 452 points
3. Lachlan Phillips – U12’s – 505.8 points
2. Will Sharp – U16’s – 515.7 points
1. BEN KENNEDY – U12’s – 554.4 points

Congratulations Ben on a stellar season and an awesome start to your junior career. The club certainly has a very bright future with such a plethora of talent in the junior ranks!
One other presentation was made at the conclusion of the evening. One of our U12 stars, Tahlia Thomson, has joined the Variety – Hair with Heart charity. Tahlia will be donating her own hair to this charity who look to make wigs for sick children which can cost up to $6000 apiece, a huge expense to families at a very difficult time. To say that we, as a club, are proud of Tahlia is an understatement! As a result, the YMCC made a small donation to Tahlia’s fundraising efforts and we would love to see other YMCC members and supporters support this cause also if you are in a position to do so. Congratulations Tahlia, this is a prime example of the quality of the kids we have representing our amazing club. We are very fortunate indeed!
Also, on behalf of the YMCC, a massive thank you to all of our wonderful Junior sponsors – Crusty Loaf Bakery, Yarrawonga Videoland, Yarrawonga Fish and Chips, One Zach, Avalanche Ice Creamery, McDonalds, Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort, Foodworks Mulwala and the Yarrawonga Godfathers. Your support is truly appreciated!! Thanks also to Les Garbutt and the Yarrawonga Chronicle for all of your amazing support of not only Junior cricket, but the Yarrawonga Mulwala Cricket Club as a whole.
To our players - congratulations and thank you to all who have proudly represented the YMCC this season. As a club, we continue to receive extremely positive feedback from all sectors of the WDCA in relation to our juniors and the way in which they conduct themselves both on and off the field. This is a huge compliment to all involved, the coaches, parents and in particular, our star cricketers! To those who have now finished your junior cricket careers, we wish you all the best as you now concentrate on the senior ranks and thank you for all of your efforts throughout your time in the juniors. You have all represented this club with distinction and made us the measuring stick of the WDCA junior competition. Well done legends!!
To all of the coaching staff this season, a heartfelt thank-you to you all. We are very proud of the people we have in charge of our junior teams, particularly the young men who have not long finished their junior careers themselves and are keen to take up coaching roles. Well done to all.
Finally, thanks also to all parents. Our club is very fortunate to have high parental involvement in our junior programs and this is extremely important in the development of your children. As a club, we are very proud of the conduct of our juniors and this is a real credit to your parenting skills over the years. Thanks to all that have helped out this season and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Senior Cricket Presentations

The Yarrawonga Mulwala Cricket Club celebrated the end of a highly successful season at the Yarrawonga Golf Club Resort on Tuesday March 27. The jointly held Junior and Senior Presentation Night was a huge success with close to 200 people in attendance.

The senior club celebrated the outstanding season with Premierships in A Grade and A Reserve in dominant seasons. While B Grade and C Grade all contested finals adding further strength to the future of the club.
The highlight of the night was the Presentaion of Club Person of the Year, this year was shared between Ned Mullins and Max Hemphill – two junior / senior players who took on the Friday Night T20 and ran it very professionally.
The Awards:
C Grade
Most Runs
Stephen Lappin –     351 Runs
Luke Buerckner –     279 Runs
Tom Irvine –     268 Runs
Marcus Hargreaves  –     229 Runs
Ben Pickering –     192 Runs

Batting Average
Stephen Lappin     Av. 50.14
Tom Irvine     Av. 44.67
Luke Buerckner     Av. 39.86
Marcus Hargreaves     Av. 32.71

Most Wickets
Jason Sharp    18 Wkts
Josh Bozzola    14 Wkts
Marcus Hargreaves    12 Wkts

Bowling Average
Jason Sharp    Av. 13.17

Champion Player
Stephen Lappin      57.1
Tom Irvine     54.8
Marcus Hargreaves      52.9
Ben Pickering      47.2
Luke Buerckner      46.9

In the B Grade Awards, the winners were:
Most Runs
Cory Pearn –     256 Runs
Sam Willett –     152 Runs
Ted Graham  –     150 Runs
Justin O’Brien –     132 Runs
Tom Hicks –     127 Runs

Batting Average
Cory Pearn      Av. 85.33

Most Wickets
Jack Kennedy     21 Wkts
Alex Lovel     19 Wkts
Reece Norman     16 Wkts
Trevor Fischer      9 Wkts

Bowling Average
Jack Kennedy     Av. 4.95

Champion Player
Cory Pearn      50.6
Jack Kennedy     46.4
Alex Lovel     43.7
Reece Norman     34.2
Justin O’Brien     32.2

A Reserve and Premiers award winners:
Most Runs
Ben Irvine –     403 Runs
Dan Whykes –     281 Runs
Ned Mullins –     273 Runs
Sam Lidgerwood  –     252 Runs
Brendan Lewis –     237 Runs

Batting Average
Dan Whykes     Av. 40.14
Ben Irvine     Av. 33.58
Ned Mullins      Av. 30.33
Sam Lidgerwood      Av. 25.20
Brendan Lewis     Av. 21.55

Most Wickets
Brendan Lewis     20 Wkts
Angus Heslin        16 Wkts
Matt McCabe     14 Wkts
Jack Kennedy     10 Wkts
Will Sharp     10 Wkts

Bowling Average
Brendan Lewis     Av. 5.85

Champion Player
Brendan Lewis      73.7
Ben Irvine     72.3
Dan Whykes     60.1
Ned Mullins     54.3
Sam Lidgerwood     49.2

A Grade and Premiers Awards:
Most Runs
Josh Lawrence –     662 Runs
Matt Casey –     471 Runs
Matt Knight –     312 Runs
Ben Welsh –     287 Runs

Batting Average
Josh Lawrence     Av. 55.17
Matt Casey      Av. 52.33
Matt Knight     Av. 34.67
Ben Welsh     Av. 23.92

Most Wickets
Jim Irvine       38 Wkts
Corey McIntosh       16 Wkts
Ben Doyle       14 Wkts
John Ferguson      13 Wkts
Gus McMillan       10 Wkts

Bowling Average
Jim Irvine       Av. 9.74

Champion Player
Josh Lawrence     117.2
Jim Irvine     92.0
Matt Casey      81.1
Matt Knight      54.2
Reid Clarke      49.7
Wangaratta and District Cricket Association League Award Winners
A Grade
Bowling Aggregate & Best U21 - Jim Irvine
Golden Gloves - Reid Clarke
Batting Aggregate & Average, Cricketer of the Year - Josh Lawrence
Kookaburra Rising Star Nomination - Corey McIntosh

A Reserve
Batting Aggregate & Player of the Year - Ben Irvine
Batting Average - Dan Whykes
Cricketer of the Year - Brendan Lewis

B Grade
Bowling Average - Jack Kennedy

Notable Achievements at club level that were recognised were:
Cory Pearn       162*
Josh Lawrence     149 & 128
Luke Buerckner     121
Matt Casey     109* & 104*
Ned Mullins     108
Tom Irvine      103
Stephen Lappin      100*

5 Wickets in an Innings
Brendan Lewis–     7/1
Jack Kennedy –     6/11 & 5/7
Jim Irvine –     6/23, 5/14 & 5/54
Jason Sharp –     6/29 (SF)
Corey McIntosh -     5/8
Alex Lovel –     5/10
Matt McCabe –     5/16 & 5/16 (SF)
Preet Patel –     5/22

Hat Trick
Jack Kennedy
Corey McIntosh
Matt McCabe

Overall Club Champion across A, A Reserve, B and C Grade was:
Josh Lawrence      117.20
Jim Irvine       92.00
Matt Casey      81.10
Brendan Lewis       58.96
Ben Irvine       57.84

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