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April 11, 2018

Beer burglars caught

Two male offenders in their early teens were arrested by Yarrawonga Police for committing a burglary of beer at a unit in Piper Street, Yarrawonga on Saturday, April 7. The offenders had stolen two slabs of beer from an open garage at the unit which was observed by an alert neighbour who notified police. The offenders were subsequently remanded in custody. Police are reminding everyone to keep their houses and garages locked at all times.  The offenders on this occasion had seen the slabs of beer in the garage from the street.

Jet ski fire

Police were called to a fire involving a jet ski at the Yarrawonga Regional Park (Common) near Cullens Road, Yarrawonga on April 6.  On arrival, Yarrawonga Police ascertained that unknown offender/s had set fire to a jet ski.  Enquiries are ongoing with the owners of the jet ski and investigations are continuing regarding the identity of the offenders.

Scooter theft

Two scooters were stolen from a front yard of a residential house in McLean Street, Yarrawonga between April 4 and 5.

Telford house fire

A CFA investigator has established an ignition point of the recent house on Telford Street, Yarrawonga on April 3 was where a laptop computer was plugged in at the front of the house.  The fire started at 4.30am and a couple inside were woken by the sound of smoke detectors and then found the front lounge room well alight.  They immediately notified authorities and five CFA units attended to extinguish the blaze. No person was injured and there are no suspicious circumstances.  

Don’t cross double lines on Gilmore Street

Cobram Highway Patrol is reminding drivers about the offence of crossing double lines in Gilmore Street, Yarrawonga at school times.  Drivers are not permitted to cross double lines to enter parking bays, parking areas or to make a u-turn. The infringement penalty is $317 and three demerit points. Cobram Highway Patrol will continue to issue infringements as it is a serious safety issue due to the volume of traffic at school times.

Don’t drive too close

Cobram Highway Patrol and local police will be focusing on drivers following traffic too closely during the month of April. Drivers need to allow a two second gap when driving behind another vehicle. Your vehicle travels 27 metres for each second at 100 km/h so a two second gap is 54 metres or approximately the length of a B Double truck. Please maintain the safe distance behind the vehicle ahead of you. An infringement notice will cost $238 and one demerit point but following too closely may cause a serious collision.

Police remind members of the community if they require police attendance to call 000. If it is advice you are looking for check the Victoria Police Website at or call your local police.  Anyone with information in relation to any offence can contact their local police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Or submit a confidential crime report at

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