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April 11, 2018

Yarrawonga Bowls Club Inc

We have had a busy 2 weeks at the club; starting with the Easter tournament which was held over the 4 days of the Easter weekend starting on Good Friday.
The results of the Pairs game are as follows;
1st place went to Brian Gentle’s team.
2nd place to G Howgate’s team.
3rd place to I Brimblecombe’s team and 4th place to Richard Hermassoo’s team. Best 1st game T Downie, Best 2nd game M. Lee, Best 3rd game L Nicholson.
Saturday, March 31 fours game was won by N. Hocking’s team, 2nd place went to R. Jeffcott’s team, 3rd Place went to M. Calder’s team, 4th place went to R. Donaldson’s team.  
Best 1st game Ron Makin, Best 2nd game D. Corrigan, Best 3rd game R. Lundberg, and Best 4th game R. Donaldson’s team.
Sorry I do not have Easter Sunday’s 2-4-2 results.
Monday, April 2 Triples Game was won by D. Corrigan’s team, 2nd place went to T. Cromie’s team, 3rd Place went to S. Tatnall’s team, 4th place went to R. Jeffcott’s team.
Best 1st game G. Hargreave’s team, Best 2nd game M. Johnson’s team, Best 3rd game M. Calder’s team, Best 4th game K. Evans team.
What a great weekend it was; and we would like to thank all the players who participated in this tournament and all the volunteers in the club who without their input we would not be able to run the tournament.
To the Easter committee thank you for all your hard work to get this off the ground so well.
On Wednesday, April 4 we ran our monthly tournament with 12 teams coming along for a great day of bowling. The winner of the day was Richard Hermassoo’s team and the runners up were Ian Brimblecombe’s team, with 3rd place going to Keith McQualter’s team.
Best 1st game V. DeBricat’s team, Best 2nd game L. Vinnecombe’s team, Best 3rd game K. Evan’s team, Best 4th game Doug Corrigan’s team.
Saturday, April 7, we played Social Bowls in a game of 2 Bowl Triples with 24 players on the greens and the winners of the day were Max Ramsdale, Fred Brown and Carl Scott.
The runners up were Jimmy Barnes, Greg Sharp and Chris Cowley.
Until next week good health and good bowling to all.

ClubMulwala Indoor Bowls

There was only 1 x 2 game winner on Monday, April 2.
Glenyce Willox (s), Judi Cummins and Fay Gash won with 32 points.
With 22 points Noel Owen (s) Jeanette Davies and Sue Stillard came second.
There were 2 teams with a score of 21 but with + 10  Anne  Mc Kain (s)  Annie King and Chris Liberg came third .
On Thursday, April 5 there was only 1 x 2 game winner which was Barb Eberle (s), Chris Liberg, Val Bryce and Gwen Owen with 29 points.
Second with 23 points were Anne Mc Kain (s), Wilf Owen, Reg Bryce and Margaret Hill.
The first round of pennant was played on Thursday, April 5.
We had 3 teams playing at home.
Noel Owen’s team played Reg Bryce’s.
It was an interesting game to watch with the score not indicating how close it was at times. Noel 22 with Reg 15.
The other team at home was Glenyce Willox’s which went down to Wayne Dowsey (Corowa) 15 to 25.
John Ellis’s which was skippered by Fay Gash had a very good game with SS&A but were defeated.
There will be teams playing at home again Thursday, April 12 so show them your support. Good Bowling.

Edinburgh Shield

Firstly we would like to thank the club president I Summers and D King for doing the opening ceremony at ClubMulwala and at the Golf Club Resort.
Saturday started off dismally for last years winners Yarrawonga Mulwala Sub Branch by losing the first game but things improved by Yarra Mul by winning their next two games.
The weather was terrific and a lot of players from the Melbourne clubs commented on the good greens, the hospitality of the club and the refreshments during the day.
A special thanks goes to the greenkeepers at both venues.
Thanks Jed and Warick, to all the people who helped with the drinks.
John and David and Cliff, thank you to Fred who helped with the cards and to Yarrawonga Mulwala players thank you for participating in this years defence for the shield.
Thanks to Roger for looking after the teams at the Golf Club for there are 96 bowlers at each club and they are all very competitive.
Day two
Beautiful weather again with the greens running very well and after two games in the morning to get the winner, Phillip Island Blue won the day with nine points and 95 shots up.
Runners up were Bundoora with 6 points and 47 shots up.
Third was Yarrawonga Mulwala with 6 points plus 1 shot.
Once again I would like to thank the staff at ClubMulwala for their hospitality and to both green keepers again for the excellent condition of the greens.
Bad luck to our bowlers as we could not win back to back but a good effort by all.

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