Time to move trucks

May 09, 2018

Some truck owners have been using the side street (Commercial Road) in front of Kaiela Business Park as a weekend park.

With Tradelink and Yarrawonga Toyota stores now opened at Kaiela Business Park Moira Shire is warning truck owners and drivers to not leave their trucks and trailers parked on the side street fronting businesses.

Moira Shire Manager Construction and Assets Graham Henderson said the shire is monitoring the ongoing issue regarding heavy and long vehicles parking for extended periods of time along Commercial Road at Kaiela Business Park.
“We want everyone to be safe on our roads and drivers of heavy and long vehicles are encouraged to park at the former saleyard site on South Road, Yarrawonga for their much needed rest breaks,” Mr Henderson said.
“Under Victoria Road Safety Road Rules council and police have been issuing infringement notices for trucks parked in a built up area for more than one hour.
“Signage does not need to be in place for this rule to be enforced, however we will install “No Truck Parking” signs in coming weeks to alert truck drivers of, and to reinforce, this rule. If you wish to make a complaint please phone the Yarrawonga Police,” he said.
Kaiela Business Park joint developer Matt Judd said businesses at the park have paid a premium for this road exposure and this should be respected.
“At the end of the day the vendors on Commercial Road have paid a premium for road frontage exposure, including consequential municipal rate charges and that’s a privilege they should enjoy without unreasonable obstruction,” Mr Judd said.
“I believe the parking of heavy vehicles in the manner that has currently been occurring denies traders, both current and future of that privilege.
“I understand that drivers are doing their best to earn an honest living and in most cases bring income in to the town, adding to the local economy but the vendors and/or lease operators rights should be considered first and respected because without them the road simply wouldn’t exist.”

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