Revert to 60kmph - Cr Kennedy

May 16, 2018

The speed limit from the outskirts of Mulwala into town should be changed back to 60kmp according to Mulwala-based Councillor with Federation Council, Andrew Kennedy.

“People are ringing me up all the time,” he said.
“Is there some way we can go back to 60kmp? Highway Patrol is sitting there making an absolute fortune.”
Council’s Director Infrastructure and Environment Peter Gall explained that council’s traffic control committee, which includes Roads & Maritime Services representation, discusses such matters before final decision and implementation by RMS.
Mr Gall said he would raise it with RMS and seek uniformity throughout the Federation Council area.
“It used to be 80kmph just out the front of my place (in Spring Drive near Owen Bridges Reserve), now it’s 50,” Cr Kennedy said.
“Further out it’s 100kmph to 50. Bang!”
Mr Gall said there was a warning (a few hundred metres beforehand) saying 50kmph ahead.

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