‘Curly’ cricket’s number one

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

Local cricket’s number one ticket holder for season 2018/19 used to be the first informer of all local cricket scores in Yarrawonga and Mulwala, and continues to be admired for his strong following of cricket.

Alan (Curly) Foster is spending his first cricket season in Woods Point Aged Care in Yarrawonga but still loves to keep up-to-date with the cricket scene, with son Graeme doing the driving.

‘Curly’ or ‘Fos’ is a very deserving recipient of the 2014 Dwain Duxson -initiative for top ticket holder according to Yarrawonga Mulwala Cricket Club President Terry Brear.

“He always comes along, gets the scores, has a chat – he’s followed us for a long time, from the Yarrawonga District Cricket Association days,” today’s president told the Yarrawonga Chronicle.

Terry’s dad, yesteryear long-time cricket president Glenn Brear said a lot of people gained a lot of information from Curly.

“My memory of Curly - he’d go to Mulwala, to the Grove, the high school, Vic Park or showgrounds – he’d go to all the games, get scores, tell you who made runs, who took wickets,” the Team of the Century member said.

“He’d start at 2.00pm, get back to headquarters for tea break, go to the golf club, wait for the Pascoe Ellises and co to come off the golf course and tell them all the scores. He was very regimental with his time.”  

Curly’s knowledge of every cricket score was appreciated by all. A 40-year past employee at Pigdons Holden in Yarrawonga, his knowledge of farm machinery and chemicals was enormous and much sought after.

“He was a walking encyclopedia,” Bruce Pigdon OAM said. “Alan came to us from Massey Ferguson and was our machinery parts expert then became our farm chemical consultant. He was a man of integrity, very highly respected by everyone, including company representatives who would seek his advice.”

Born in Scotland, Curly came to Australia at a young age “so I’m an Aussie!” and said he is “flattered” to be the Lakers’ number one ticket holder. He was more of a tennis player than a cricketer but loves the cricket scene.

“I love the game. It’s a good, clean game,” he said. “I’ve seen a lot of great local cricketers. I won’t name them in case I forget someone and hurt someone.” he said. 

How many ‘runs’ have you made Curly the Chronicle asked? “If I get there I’ll be 96 on 25th January,” he said, then clarified his comment. “Of course I’ll get there. I’m going to make a century.”