Disrespectful cemetery acts

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

Disrespectful behaviour by a number of individuals at the Yarrawonga Cemetery has the Cemetery Trust and the local community furious. 

On Thursday, August 29, a group of volunteers from Community Corrections undertook a major clean-up of the Yarrawonga Cemetery. 

Unfortunately, what the community corrections were faced with were used condoms in the toilets and sharps containers, which were found to be emptied, discarded around loved one’s graves. 

A representative of the Cemetery Trust said that the committee is made up of volunteers who assist in the maintenance of the cemetery and actions such as what the volunteers were faced with recently at a cemetery is very disrespectful and sickening. 

“This is simply not acceptable,” said the representative.

“We are all volunteers who are doing our best to care for our loved ones final resting place. 

“The Cemetery Trust comprises of seven volunteer members whose physical, financial and time resources are limited and insufficient to fully and consistently maintain the five cemeteries for which we are responsible, but we expect that people respect these spaces and any untoward behaviour is taken elsewhere or reported.  

“Please help us to help our community.”

The Cemetery Trust asks that all local people be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour to the Yarrawonga Police.