Celebrating 70 years of Australian citizenship

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

Moira Shire welcomed its newest Australian citizens at a ceremony on Australia Day at the Cobram Civic Centre. 

This ceremony was particularly special as Australia is marking 70 years since citizenship was introduced into law, creating for the first time a legal status of being uniquely Australian. The first Australian citizenship ceremony was held on February 3 1949, with seven men – representing each Australian state and territory – swearing their allegiance to Australia. They hailed from Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, Greece, Norway, Spain and Yugoslavia. 

Today, Australia is one of the most successful multicultural nations in the world; since 1949, we have welcomed more than five million new Australian citizens to our shores.

Our newest citizens originated from countries including Italy, El Salvador, the Philippines, Tanzania, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and they took the next steps in their life in Australia at a ceremony attended by Moira Shire Councillors along with Member for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty. 

Mayor Libro Mustica said he was proud to induct these new citizens, who now reside in towns throughout the shire, with those communities strengthened by the commitment shown by this group. 

“Our new citizens have already become integral members of our local towns and are active members of sporting organisations and community groups,” Cr Mustica said. 

“Through our Australian citizenship we all share a commitment to values including mutual respect, equality, freedom of speech and religion, the rule of law and democracy. 

“Our citizenship means we all belong to the Australian family and we can all enjoy the responsibilities and privileges of living in this country and having a say in its future.” 

If you are interested in becoming an Australian citizen visit