Woolworths ends $1 litre a milk

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

NSW Farmers’ Association are delighted with the Woolworths announcement to permanently stop the sale of $1 a litre milk.

“Today is a huge win for dairy farmers,” NSW Farmers’ Dairy Committee Chair Erika Chesworth said. 

“We and all dairy farmers have been fighting for this result since $1 a litre milk was introduced in 2011.

“Woolworths have shown real leadership with their decision to end the sale of $1 a litre milk. “This is a lesson for every other retailer in the country. Woolworths have done this the right way. They engaged with dairy farmers when we raised our concerns. This decision shows that they have listened and taken decisive action.

“It will make a substantial and real difference to dairy farmers who supply Woolworths milk across Australia.

“Most importantly, Woolworths have ensured that farmers will receive the additional money”

MS Chesworth said the situation facing dairy farmers is critical. 

“We have endured years of low profitability and our costs of production have skyrocketed due to the ongoing drought.

“The public can be completely confident that the additional money is flowing back to dairy farmers.

“Woolworths have proven that the funds collected under this system ends up with dairy farmers through the drought levy.

“NSW Farmers’ calls on Coles and Aldi to follow Woolworths lead and cease sale of $1 a litre milk. 

“They must to act now to ensure that this move is permanent.”