Boating for Brains triumph

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

The 22 strong ‘Boating for Brains’ crew took off from Yarrawonga on their world record breaking paddle along the Murray River to Swan Hill on Saturday, November 2.

The journey took the crew five days, a day earlier than originally planned, with them arriving in Swan Hill at 6pm last Wednesday, November 7, travelling a whopping 576km.

Organisers of the journey are still awaiting the official confirmation from the Guinness World Records but believe they have set a new world record, surpassing the previous record of 545km.

The journey also raised $205,000 with the money going towards the Royal Children’s Hospital neurology department. 

Co- ‘Boating for Brains’ organiser Alex Evans said there had been a few incidents along the way but the crew were pleased with their journey and the support they received.

“We capsized a couple of times but managed to get ourselves back up and kept going,” Mr Evans said.

“It was a wonderful experience and we are all very appreciative of the support we received over our entire journey including the support we received each day along the river as well as from our family and friends. 

“One of the unusual but another rewarding aspect of the journey for us was the rescuing of a dog who was struggling in the water near Picnic Point. 

“The Healer cross had got caught in tree roots downstream of Picnic Point and some campers nearby said they had heard a dog barking throughout the night. 

“We rescued it around 2pm the following day - so it was one lucky dog.

“It was in shock and had early stages of hypothermia, but we arranged for one of our support crew to take it off our support boat in Barmah and drive it to any emergency vet. 

“The vet discovered it had a microchip fitted and located the owners. 

“The location we found the dog was about a kilometre and a half downstream of their property but the best thing is that the dog survived and has been reunited with its owners.”

RCH’s Head Director of Epilepsy Simon Harvey also travelled to Barham on the fourth day of the journey to meet with the team and offer encouragement as well as to see how the crew were fairing in their amazing journey.

Mr Harvey last week praised the crew’s effort when talking to the Yarrawonga Chronicle. 

“We’re trying to set up a position, to employ a scientist to work on brain scans, using very advanced research,” Mr Harvey said. 

“Without this fundraising we wouldn’t be able to fund this position.”

An everydayhero donation page is also still open for people to donate to the ‘Boating for Brains’ RCH Neurology department cause by visiting