Moving Cobram forward

By Liam Nash

Cobram residents who experience transportation difficulty can finally take solace with a future solution imminent, with CobCab – Cobram’s community access bus project – given the green light.

Tasked with a goal of raising $95 000, the enterprise has been headed by Cobram Community House and Cobram District Health and is close to starting with two recent donations helping close the gap.

The project received $8000.04 from an annual charity event run by Cobram-Barooga Veterans Golf Club in October, where all proceeds went to CobCab.

A staggering $20 000 community grant from the Jack Brockhoff Foundation then powered the project within reach of the $95 000 target, as has led to operations getting put into motion.

The project first found its legs at Cobram Enterprise funding event, where Cobram Community House manager Sally Bate and NCN Health community engagement officer Bruce Naylor amalgamated separate plans for funding.

Driven by the social isolation and transportation issues for Cobram residents, the CobCab project has brought the two organisations closer during the project’s timeline.

“We have got aged care resident living in Irwin house who need to go to a family function or need mobility aids, it is a key bit of our kit,” Mr Naylor said.

“For the hospital it will mean more social engagement for our residents who will be able to get out more.

“It’s not just a trip, it is a social opportunity – a chance to chat.”

Similar to the hospital, Cobram Community House finds its members experience difficulty with transport which can hinder attendance at hosted events, making CobCab a key component for the organisation.

“A lot of the projects we have been running, we have been hearing that the big issue is transport, it is a limiting factor,” Mrs Bate said.

“(The CobCab project) is fantastic, it enables us engagement for groups of people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to do so.”

With a Seniors Participating grant issued to Cobram Community House providing an assigned worker to the project, the next phase of CobCab’s development will involve reaching out to the community and asking for volunteer input.

Once all other facets of the project are put in place, a bus will be bought and Cobram will have an invaluable asset which will help bring the community closer.