Tough day for Cobram tennis

By Cobram Courier

Cobram Cobras had a close match on Saturday at home against Nathalia.

In the singles, Mario Bruni went down 3-6, while Jordan Bovalina won 6-3. In the men's doubles it was a tough day for the boys going down 4-8, 5-8 and 1-8.

In the women's, the Cobras had a few great wins in the doubles to keep the match alive - 8-2, 6-8, 8-2 and 8-4.

Going into the mixed it was all tied up. The dynamic duo of Mario and Helen Bruni lost 5-8, Rod Armstrong and Kerrie Fisher were close but lost 6-8, Jordan Bovalina and Glenice Sefton had a hard match losing 2-8,and Nick White and Kim Collins went down in a tie-breaker 7-8.

Overall, the Cobras lost four set 69 games to Nathalia nine sets 81 games.

Cobram Crocs were also playing second-placed Nathalia, at home and were in for a very tough day.

David Bate and Luke Bramley lost their singles 2-6 and 3-6. In the women's singles, Markia Newey had a win 6-2 against Laura Booth and Jackie Vogel had a tough game, losing 1-6.

In the men's doubles, Bate teamed with Peter Beasley and took the set 8-6. Bramley then teamed with Beasley, but went down 5-8.

In the women's, it was a struggle with a 3-8 and 1-8 loss.

Heading into the mixed the Crocs were 21 down and went out to win a few of the matches, but that did not happen, with the mixed sides losing 6-8, 1-8 and 5-8.

The Crocs went down two sets 41 to Nathalia sets 74.