Numbers decrease at Corowa Market

By Corowa Free Press

Monday’s Corowa Market saw numbers decrease by approximately 3,600, with almost 3,000 less sheep penned. 

The yarding was made up of mixed quality with excellent new season lambs continuing to come through, however, there were less over 30kg lambs offered today. Not all the regular processors were present with one export buyer away, easing competition in the export categories. Longer wool old lambs were not so popular along with heavy export shorn lambs also selling in a softer market.

There were some excellent new season lambs coming off crops, however, most sold in a firm or slightly cheaper market with the export lambs taking the biggest hit. Light and medium weights sold firm to $4 easier making between $158 and $191/head. The heavy trade weights were firm making between $183 to $208/head, averaging 821c/kg cwt. Bidding was slower in the heavy lambs with one export processor not active across all categories. Heavy lambs eased up to $8 in places, selling between $200 and $217/head. Heavy export types with less competition slid up to $19 making between $216 and $239/head selling between 785c and 810c/kg cwt. New season light lambs to the processor sold between $122 and $156/head.

Processors were choosy again throughout the shorn lamb categories. Trade lambs slid a further $6 making between $169 to $180/head, averaging 733c/kg cwt. Heavy export lambs sold between $196 and $233/head, to average 748c/kg cwt.

Less numbers of mutton were offered at this week’s sale and prices were softer again. Well finished heavy 4 score crossbred ewes made between $132 to $164/head to average 510c/kg cwt. The 4 score Merino ewes reached $156/head. The 2 and 3 score ewes sold between $105 and $140/head.

Corowa Top Results


37 W Lukies Katamatite $237.60 

47 Lislea Lodge Picola $228.00 

57 N & D Bradford Tocumwal $222.00 

100 Sowden Inv Jindera $220.00 

33 KR Fischer Barnawartha $217.20 

72 Lilow P/C Jindera $215.00 

116 GT Maroney Carraragarmungee $208.20 

Xbred Lambs 

85 R Lubke Alma Park $233.20 

100 JB Ley Tallangatta $224.00 

113 Hehir Family Farm Finley $217.00 

110 G & L Twamley Laceby $200.00 

119 S Scott Nominees Tocumwal $195.00 

60 D & C McPherson Katamatite $187.60 

Merino Lambs 

79 Hehir Family Farm Finley $178.20 

37 HG Coupland Deniliquin $160.00 

65 LW Drew & Co Brockelsby $156.00 

15 R & E Barnes Katamatite $152.00 

Xbred Ewes

59 KC & FL Lavis Hopefield  $164.00 

8 B Chambers Bullioh $160.00 

97 B Demeo Berrigan $160.00 

72 T Lukies Naring $155.00 

Merino Ewes

15 B Demeo Berrigan $184.20 

22 Feurherdt Past Culcairn $178.20 

18 PP Carroll Coreen $160.00 

23 Weebo Park Bungowannah $156.20 

76 Shubi Holdings Corowa  $155.00