Fun and safe riding lesson

By Daniel Hughes

Edward Public School students have hopped on their bikes and walked the school oval to raise awareness of road safety as part of the annual school ride-a-thon.

The students also had a safety briefing from Deniliquin Senior Constable Paul Ebsworth before the event last week.

Teacher Deb Bowie, who coordinated the day with Cathy Strong, said the annual fun day is part of the whole school bike safety unit.

“We’ve been doing it for a long time; it’s become a tradition to hold the ride-a-thon.

“We used to ride out to Stevens Weir along Wakool Rd but that became unsafe for the children with heavy vehicles along there. It was also difficult to transport the bikes to and from.

“We moved it to the cross country track before finally bringing it to the school so the kids could learn in a more secure environment.

“We also had activities and walking around the oval for anyone who didn’t have access to a bike.

“The students were encouraged to ride in ‘bike safe fancy dress’ or sports uniform, and a correctly fitted helmet and covered shoes.”

Edward school staff (back, from left) Ben Howitt, Nat Dawson, Teena Irwin, Alisha Taylor, Stacey O’Meara, Wendy McKindlay, Kerrie Godfrey, Marg Werner and Kristy Snell; (front) Narelle Labib, Nicky Bermingham, Cathy Strong and Deb Bowie.

Other guest speakers at the bike safety event included John Trist, Vince Kelly and David McPherson who helped educate the students on the benefits of bike riding and being safe on the road. 

“I think it’s really important that the kids engage and listen to one of our local policeman and our guest speakers,” Mrs Bowie said.

“We had parents and a lot of the teachers who all dressed up for the fun, and take to the streets with the kids. We also had some of the students of Deniliquin High join in as they practised for their Great Vic Bike Ride.

“We even had Wayne Bradley put on a barbecue. He was one of our school’s first teachers.”

Deni High’s Great Vic Bike Ride participants James Hood and Alex Glowrey help the younger students.