No more pink ladies

By Daniel Hughes

Two of the district's longest serving ‘Pink Ladies’ have retired.

The departure of Joyce Atley and Norma Drenkhahn means the Pink Ladies will cease to exist as a governing body.

But the group's volunteer service of providing Deniliquin Hospital patients with newspapers and flowers will continue under the guidance of Bernice Ives and Gillian Beehag.

The changes do mean, however, the service will only be provided three days a week.

A special ceremony to thank the Pink Ladies was recently held at Deniliquin Hospital.

Facility manager Ginny Lange said it was fitting to commemorate the group for its "dedication and fantastic service over the years", since the Pink Ladies was formed in September 1973.

“The service of supplying flowers and newspapers to the patients of the hospital to brighten their days has been cherished, and it is sad to see this service being reduced.

“During the many years of service, there has been some long term support from the Pink Ladies presidents.

“Such as Mrs Des Greaves who elected in 1974, and held this position until she passed away in 2007 - a brilliant achievement of over 34 years.

“She was followed by Mrs Joyce Atley from 2008 to 2018, another great achievement of 10 years, along with the long-running secretary/treasurer of 25 years, Mrs Norma Drenkhahn.

“Thank you ladies for your fantastic service to the hospital and also to the community.”

With the official abolishment of the Pink Ladies organisation, cash remaining in the group's account has been donated and shared between Deniliquin Hospital and Navorina Aged Care.

“The Pink Ladies donation has been utilised to purchase a new stereo for the palliative care patients and families staying in the medical ward,” Mrs Lange said.