Mathoura Public School finds main squeeze for fundraising

By Alex Gretgrix

WHEN life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

But when it gives you mandarins, in Mathoura Public School's case, you make money.

On the back of COVID-19 restrictions cancelling the school's fundraising efforts this year, the Parents and Citizens Association teamed up with the Fisher family of Mathoura Mandarins to fill student lunch boxes and make money in the process.

“It was fantastic to receive support from Mathoura Mandarins whose fruit is well known and highly sought after within the region,” P&C fundraising co-ordinator Jayde Douglas said.

Ms Douglas said a strong sense of community was one of the key qualities of the school, and supporting local businesses was important.

“Mathoura Mandarins’ juicy oranges and mandarins are coveted among locals and visitors to the area, with their mandarins often referred to as ‘the best mandarins around school'. Families and staff were all quick to place orders, with 31 bags being filled in total,” she said.

Families were able to purchase small bags for $4 and large ones for $10.

Orders were made through the school and the Fisher family donated the fruit.

Students had the fruit fresh, frozen or worked into orange and poppy seed muffins in their lunchboxes, which the school said was a sight to see.

In all, $294 was raised for the school and funds will be immediately contributed towards its programs.

The P&C Association subsidises a number of costs for school families, as well as co-funding projects and upgrades in conjunction with the school.