Tax relief for Vic fire-hit communities

By AAP Newswire

People and businesses hit by Victoria's deadly bushfires will get state government tax relief.

The Andrews government on Monday announced exemptions for land tax and stamp duties, similar to waivers introduced after the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires.

"The last thing people need to worry about when they are rebuilding after bushfires is the next tax bill coming in - these measures will support local businesses and help get local residents back on their feet," Treasurer Tim Pallas said in a statement.

Businesses, families and individuals whose properties were destroyed or substantially damaged by bushfires will get ex-gratia relief for their 2020 land tax assessment.

Anyone who makes their eligible properties free for fire-affected people will also get land tax waived.

Those who decide not to rebuild in their fire-ravaged community will get up to $55,000 in stamp duty relief if they buy a home elsewhere.

Land tax assessments are being suspended in fire-affected areas.

People who lost motor vehicles due to bushfires can receive up to $2100 in ex-gratia relief from the duty on up to two replacement vehicles.

Tax relief has been bandied as a measure to help towns get back on their feet.

Last week David Limbrick of the Liberal Democrats called for payroll tax in bushfire-affected regions to be cut to zero to help communities start recovering.