Avoid a burnout with routines

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

Heading back to school after the summer off with plenty of late nights and fun galore, can be a tough task.
However, getting plenty of rest and developing a good evening and sleep routine is important.

1. Start a week early

Pretend school is already starting and start getting up early - practice and do everything to get used to it.

If you don’t want to go cold turkey try waking up a half hour earlier every day a week before until you are up at a time you’d like to be up when school starts.

Set clear expectations and consequences so they understand and remember that children have no concept of time under about 7 years old so telling them you have half an hour to get ready will mean nothing to them.

2. Prepare everything the night before

Having an evening routine to prepare for the next day really helps mornings not be so chaotic.

Prepare your coffee the night before.

Prepare the kids outfits, set out socks and shoes and pack lunches and water bottles.

Set everything out by the front door and plan for the next day.

3. Start your bedtime routine early

It takes the kids so much longer than you think to get ready for bed.

Give the kids a nice warm bath to relax them.

Get them in comfy pjs.

Read a story they will look forward to.

4. Take the child to the school and show them around. 

Many children are scared they do not know where their classroom is or where the toilets are. Show them the Kindy area and toilets. 

5. Leave early

School traffic can be a nightmare so leave the house early.

6. Use time wisely

Don’t waste your precious time! Use it productively!

Do your most important task.

Run errands so you don’t have to do it with all the kids.

7. Do homework right away

As soon as the kids get home go through their backpacks and folders.

Check to see if anything needs to be signed and put everything back into their backpacks.

Aim for them to do their homework right away while they’re still in “school mode”.