Diamond anniversary for local couple

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

Six decades of marriage may seem like a long time but for Judy and George McNulty, they are just as in love as they were on their wedding day 60 years ago.

Both grew up in Yarrawonga and met when Judy Wood was about 15 and George McNulty was around 18.

They were married on May 14, 1960 at St Cuthbert’s church in Yarrawonga … as were all of the five sisters in Judy’s family (the Woods girls) 

In the following year the first of the couple’s three kids were born with Karen born in 1961 followed by Sue in 1963 and Jason in 1967.

After the birth of their children Judy and George left Yarrawonga to live and work in Melbourne and remained there whist the kids grew up mainly around the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

George worked in the State Bank of Victoria for 30 years before finishing his career as a Financial Planner whilst Judy did the hard stuff at home looking after the kids and all their sporting endeavours over the years.

Both were keen on sports themselves playing cricket, tennis and netball with George still having a swing of golf at 83!

Eventually, they returned to Yarrawonga for their retirement and thoroughly enjoy it.

They now have six grandkids they can enjoy in retirement: Jessica, Tom, Brad, Emily, Eliza and Sarah and four great grandkids who lovingly refer to them as the GG’s (Great Grandma and Grandpa) Ethan, Milla, Tyler and Kayla.

The McNulty family was planning a big celebration with everyone travelling from far and wide however, COVID-19 has meant that has been placed on hold for now.

Nonetheless, the family are looking forward to when they can celebrate with them properly.

“They are a wonderful couple (I am biased obviously) and still have many friends including some from school days and family throughout the Yarra area,” daughter Karen said.

“They think of each other as their best friends and are still in love after all this time.  Bless them hey!”

“I don’t know their secret, but I suspect love, communication and above all … patience!” 

As well as celebrating a milestone anniversary last week the couple also celebrated Judy’s 80th birthday on Saturday, May 16.

“Mum at 80 well … she has slowed down a touch these days but normally, didn’t sit still much,” Karen said.  

“She told me a story one day about how her parents took her to the doctor when she was a child to find out why she was just so active.  

“Her Dad asked the doctor, “is there something you can give her to slow her down? The doctor replied “no, not really”.  

“Quick as a flash her Dad then asked, “is there something you can give me then?” 

Judy loves to meet with friends/family, help anyone she can, talk, dance, sing and still tends to run instead of walk.  She is awesome and joy to be around.  

“They have always been there to support the lot of us and we obviously love them both dearly,” Karen concluded.  

“The whole family are thrilled they are able to celebrate this amazing milestone together.”