COVID-19 and your pets

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

With many questions out there about COVID-19 and its impacts the Yarrawonga Veterinary Clinic have answered some of the questions to get you through the pandemic with your pets. 

You can’t catch COVID-19 from your pets.

At this stage there is no evidence that pet dogs or cats are a source of infection to other animals or humans. Additionally, there is no evidence that horses or farm animals are involved in the spread of the virus. This situation is under constant monitoring.

What do I do if I am in quarantine or self-isolation and my pet is unwell?

If you are in quarantine, do not break quarantine to take your pet to the veterinarian even if your pet is unwell. By doing this you will put your veterinarian and staff at risk of infection. Ring your veterinary clinic first and ask for advice. Your veterinary clinic will be able to work with you to ensure your pet will receive the care they need, while keeping themselves and their staff safe from COVID-19 infection. 

Go for walks…but don’t overwalk 

Getting out to exercise with your dog is a good way to avoid cabin fever and have some much-needed fresh air. However, make sure you don’t over walk them by getting every family member to take them on individual walks out or they could get overtired. 

Set aside playtime 

No matter the size of your home, find a space where you can play with your pet to help keep them mentally and physically stimulated. This could be as simple as an hour of throwing the ball in the yard or playing tug of war inside. If you have a smaller dog and a long corridor you could even try an indoor game of ‘Fetch’. Try to do this for at least half an hour morning and night. 

Stick to meal time routines 

While upturned work patterns have had an impact on our schedules, our pets haven’t forgotten the time they usually eat! To give them a sense of normality, stick as closely as you can to regular meal time routines - and don’t increase their portion size. 

Limit treats 

Having our kitchens close at hand can mean more snacking temptations for us and treats for our furry friends. Keep treats to a minimum though as it can instil bad habits and could increase the risk of pet weight gain, especially with limited exercise opportunites. 

Prepare for life after restrictions

While it’s great to spend extra time with our pets, try not to be with them all the time. Go to another room, even if it’s just for a short period. To avoid separation anxiety after lockdown, our pets need to get used to us not being 

If you have any other concerns about your pet, please contact your local veterinarian. For up to date information on the COVID-19 situation in Australia go to