Big Mulwala subdivision “needs to go ahead”

The substantial vacant property proposed for the 495-lot subdivision, taken from North Street Mulwala.

The proposed 495-lot residential subdivision for Mulwala is to be followed up by Federation Council’s General Manager Adrian Butler.

Located in North Street bordered by Savernake and Tocumwal Roads, it was resolved, at council’s October meeting, that council negotiate with the developer.

The negotiation will include the shortfall in the offer to provide infrastructure such as facilities in open spaces, upgrade to North Street and other intersections impacted by the development, augmentation to sewerage infrastructure and water infrastructures.

All costs – excluding council staff but including any legal costs if required – associated with any agreement are to be met by the applicant and/or the developer.

Cr Andrew Kennedy raised the subject at the inaugural meeting of the newly elected group of Federation councillors at their December meeting.

Now Mulwala’s only councillor, Cr Kennedy wanted to know if anything has happened since that October meeting. Mr Butler said he would follow up with the applicant.

“I’m very keen for the sake of the Mulwala community that this development goes ahead,” Cr Kennedy told the Yarrawonga Chronicle.

“The development needs to go ahead, in everyone’s interests – the pubs, the clubs, shopkeepers, everyone – in getting more people to town.

“I know there are issues with developer infrastructure costs. We need to get money from the federal or state government to see that this development goes ahead.”

Quiet month for Mulwala

It was much quieter than usual with Mulwala building permits for November, with just three approvals issued by Federation Council.

A new home for Damian Crescent, a swimming pool in Kookaburra Way and a carport extension in Ward Street were the trio of go-aheads.

Overall, there were 12 building approvals for Federation Council equating to a combined value of approximately $1.2 million.

Howlong recorded five permits with four sheds and a dwelling with garage. Corowa had four permits.