Drivers penalised for mobile use and no seatbelts

Member for Ovens Valley Tim McCurdy near tyre marks on regional roads.

The Victorian Government introduced the Road Safety Amendment Bill 2022 which sets the scene for motorists to become penalised from 2023 for using their mobile phones while driving with new types of road safety cameras.

The bill is aimed at targeting predominately distracted drivers and non-seatbelt-wearing motorists.

Nationals Member for Ovens Valley Tim McCurdy spoke on this Bill in Parliament stating, “This is a step forward, particularly on the seatbelt side of things.

“I am pleased to hear that this process will be sent to a trained individual to ensure proper checks and balances are in place for verification and protection against technological error,” Mr McCurdy said.

“Although this initiative aims to effectively reduce the road toll, I wish to stress that investment solely into this new technology cannot be the only method used to reduce the road toll on our roads.

“Instead, the Victorian Government needs to implement a holistic approach when it comes to eliminating road toll.

“For instance, if we consider the massive increases in wire rope barriers across Victoria, having a camera fining motorists on their mobile phones, or not wearing a seatbelt at a later date is not going to prevent them from the grave consequences that can arise if they collide head on with a wire rope barrier.

“I support this bill and its objective, but stress that the Victorian Government needs to continue to address present road toll concerns like wire rope barriers and unsafe roads in our regions at the same time.”