Girls just want to debut

A number of local young girls are looking for assistance to “debut” to society after COVID-19 ruined plans for their debutant ball last year.

Caitlin Richards, Larah Bromley and Elsie – Anne Murray, who are no longer enrolled in school, have all purchased their dresses and everything needed to debut but have no debutante ball to attend and are looking for assistance to host their own in town.  

“We just want to do our deb,” Caitlin said.

“We also have partners to accompany us and are just looking to hopefully be able to do it in town.

“We have all got everything for it, our dresses, jewellery, shoes etc and the dresses are non-refundable. We are ready to go but with nowhere to go,” Elsie- Anne said.

“We were supposed to do it last year but because of COVID-19 everything was cancelled but we just want the opportunity to do ours,” Larah added.

Debutante balls mark the official joining of society once those children age into young adults. Depending on the town, debutante balls feature the “debut” of young ladies from age 16 to 21 as official members of society.

The Corowa community Deb Ball has also reached out to the families via Facebook but all feel it would be nice to host one in their hometown.

If you are in a position to assist in any capacity to hosting a deb ball in Yarrawonga or Mulwala please contact Jann-Maree Murray via Facebook.