Seymour shoppers urged to share the dignity

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Free access: (From left) Share the Dignity volunteer Rochelle Darmanin, Yarraville Community Centre operations manager Patricia Saca and Woolworths store manager Serap Ibrahim celebrate the installation of the 100th Dignity Vending Machine, giving access to period products for those who cannot afford them. Photo by Sam Dagostino

Woolworths and Share the Dignity have launched their ‘Dignity Drive’ for August, hoping Seymour residents will continue to support the campaign and help meet an increased need for period care products across Victoria.

Held each March and August, the drive aims to directly address period poverty and increase the number of freely available period care products across the state.

During each drive, Woolworths donates five cents from each period care product sold to help fund local community initiatives and Share the Dignity’s Dignity Vending Machines. The nearest vending machine to Seymour is at the Northern Hospital in Epping.

Since the partnership's beginnings in 2019, Woolworths customers have donated more than 575,000 period care products.

In the March drive alone, Woolworths customers donated more than 82,000 period care products and the company donated $119,000 to Share the Dignity.

Seymour store manager Nathan Winters said Seymour customers had played a huge role in past campaigns.

“We’re proud to continue our partnership with Share The Dignity and support the meaningful change they are creating,” he said.

“We would also like to thank all our Seymour customers who have donated, as their generous contribution has helped lessen the impact of an already challenging time.”

Share the Dignity Victoria volunteer state team leader Donna Levinson-Murray thanked Woolworths for its support.

“Our efforts across Seymour are well and truly in motion to end period poverty and we are pleased to have the support of Woolworths to raise awareness and lessen the impact again this year, following a successful Dignity Drive in March,” she said.

In April, Woolworths and Share the Dignity announced the milestone of the 100th Woolworths-sponsored Dignity Vending Machine.

The machines offer free period products accessible in bathrooms in schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, women’s refuge centres and other local community organisations.

Nationally, the machines have dispensed more than 68,000 free period packs since the first machine was installed in 2019.

During the Dignity Drive, Woolworths customers can purchase any period care product and donate it in store via the pink collection boxes located at the front of every store or add a cash donation at registers.

During August, period care products such as selected tampons and pads will be on sale as part of the Woolworths weekly catalogue, encouraging customers to purchase an item to donate for those in need.

Since the start of the partnership, Woolworths has donated more than $2 million to support those experiencing period poverty.