Students, staff get ‘dunked’ for MND

Year 12 vice captain Olivia Cicolini getting dunked.

A whopping $5000 has been raised from Finley High School’s Big Freeze, which was held last week.

Ten teachers and four students had freezing cold water dumped over their heads, to raise funds and awareness for Motor Neurone Disease.

With an initial goal of $3000, the organising committee was blown away by the support of the students and wider community.

“We sold the official beanies this year as part of the fundraiser and sold all 100 of them prior to the freeze date,” said teacher Eliza Tobin, who helped coordinate the event.

“Last year we hosted our first Big Freeze.

“The Student Representative Committee identified members of our community who live with MND and wanted to educate the student body about what it is and how it affects the body.”

As part of the education process and fundraiser, the SRC ran an education session for the whole school including an activity where students had to try and button up a shirt wearing gardening gloves.

Ms Tobin said the students thoroughly enjoyed seeing their peers and favourite teachers getting ‘dunked’ for a good cause.

“Students were able to purchase a ticket to go into a draw to dunk their favourite teacher,” she said.

“This was very popular this year and the students were very competitive about getting their teacher dunked.”

Finley High School principal Jeff Ward braved the freezing cold water in support of MND.
Finley High School teacher Alex Hay preparing himself for the dunking.
Maths teacher Mr Pullen just seconds before being dunked.