Take the hard work out of legal issues

The Dawes & Vary Riordan Shepparton team: (Front, from left) Patricia Cassetta, Caitlyn Price, Pete Kelton, Amee Hemmingson, (back, from left) Nicole White, Andrew Galbraith, Davina Puglese and Sonia Bourke. Photo by Rechelle Zammit

Dawes & Vary Riordan is a law firm that’s been there from the beginning, and prides itself on looking after local communities.

Since opening the first office in Kyabram in the 1890s, Dawes & Vary Riordan has expanded its service to include offices in Tatura, Shepparton, Echuca, Cobram, Rochester and Nathalia.

Associate lawyer Jessica Moyle works at the Rochester and Echuca offices.

She specialises in wills, estate planning and property conveyancing, and she appreciates that the firm’s large range of offices means it can offer more areas of legal practice to its clients.

“We have that many lawyers that work across the law and it’s great to know that we have lawyers in our firm that can assist our clients in a range of issues,” Ms Moyle said.

“It’s great for our experience too, as older lawyers can mentor and help others as they come through the ranks.”

The other beauty of having offices in several locations, is that no matter where clients go, they will always have access to assistance for their legal needs and can easily transfer their information from one Dawes & Vary Riordan office to another.

Brittany Hodgkinson is an associate lawyer who works across the Kyabram and Nathalia areas in property and wills. She said Dawes & Vary Riordan always strived to make the legal process as easy as possible.

“Navigating through it all, there’s a lot more involved in buying and selling these days,” she said.

“So, walking them through it is what we do, as that’s what people need; and the same with wills.

“Everyone’s family circumstances are so different now and they always develop and change. We can help them in a way that covers them in the way they want.”

Dawes & Vary Riordan covers a wide range of areas of legal practice, including agribusiness, criminal, corporate or commercial law, succession and estate planning, as well as wills and powers of attorney.

So whether you need legal assistance for immigration or agribusiness issues, or even banking and finance, Dawes & Vary Riordan has you covered.

Check the website at for the contact numbers and addresses for each office, or email:

The Dawes & Vary Riordan Shepparton team: (From left) Davina Puglese, Amee Hemmingson, Nicole White, Sonia Bourke, Caitlyn Price, Patricia Cassetta, Andrew Galbraith and Pete Kelton. Photo by Rechelle Zammit