Rochester Primary School students’ Christmas wishes

By Campaspe News

Here at Rochester Primary School we believe a balance exists between each student feeling they are learning in a safe and secure environment and their ability to learn.

We have developed a strong welfare program, and to support this our Student Action Team provides direct feedback to staff and is active in running programs, including our disco and lunchtime activities.

This year they have initiated the inaugural ‘Christmas Gift/Toy Tree’, where students are encouraged to wrap a gift and leave it under the tree.

All toys will be collected by our local Salvation Army people and distributed to families in need before Christmas.

We are very proud of our young leaders.

Thanks to the Rochester Lions Club, our younger students have the opportunity to send a letter to Santa.

We have some excited children busily writing their letters.

Rochester Primary School students’ Christmas wishes:

Maddox: A remote control plane

Corey: I would like one Lego set and Star Wars toys.

Ashley: I would like a new doll.

Finley: I would like a Lego fire truck.

Chelsea: A Renagades cricket helmet.

Alida: I would like a puppy for Christmas.

Skye: I would like to have a pet rabbit and a kitten please.

Hailey: I just want a good day and to read books.