Hoppers young guns coamplete undefeated season

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

Rennie are the 2019 PDFNL Under 14 premiers, completing an undefeated season with a 60-point win over Strathmerton at Berrigan. 

Rennie 4.4 4.8 6.10 9.18 72

Strathmerton 0.0 0.0 1.0 2.0 12

Goals: Rennie: A. Doherty 3, C. Deoleveira 2, F. Bennett, L. Forge, C. Lonergan, S. Bigger.

Strathmerton: J. Payne, B. Lee - Madgwick.

Best: Rennie: B. Kennedy, C. Deoleveira, D. McInness, F. Bennett, M. VanMaanen,
S. Bigger.

Strathmerton: B. Lee-Madgwick, J. Payne, E. Coghill-Lynam, A. Brown, M. Easden,
C. Wilson.

On a beautiful spring morning the Hoppers were greeted with a ground that had been watered overnight and combined with a heavy dew which made conditions slippery early. 

Rennie were up and about early but 4 points whilst kicking with a slight breeze was a cause for concern. 

Dom McInness was dominating at half back, but it took a spark of brilliance from Cooper Lonergan who with deft touch kept the ball in play next to the point post then ran around and snapped Rennie’s first major. 

From the next bounce Van Maanen created a clearance which ended up with Sammy Bigger goaling, followed up quickly by a Doherty goal then DeOleveira with a classy running goal which put the Hoppers 28 up at the first break. 

Term 2 was a slog with neither side grabbing its chances as Slattery, Birks and Bennett stood up for Rennie but 4 behinds to the Hoppers was the sum total to give them a 32-point break. 

Coach Stephens implored all his players to lift but it was Strathy who hit back with an early goal as Rennie’s ball use was resulting in turnovers. 

It took Bennett to break from a pack and goal and as the quarter drew to a close.

Doherty marked on the boundary and with seconds left played on and goaled to stretch the lead to 40. 

Strathy again goaled early in the final term, but the Hoppers then went on a point kicking spree kicking 8 points quickly before Loch Forge, Doherty and DeOleveira goaled. 

Best players were Ben Kennedy who won the medal for best on ground in a great ball winning display, Callum DeOleveira who was classy on his wing, Dom McInness who starred at half back and forward, Fraser Bennett who went head to head with the opposition’s best player all day and was superb and Marcus Van Maanen whose development as a footballer has been enormous. 

Coach Stephens said the boys had been fantastic all year with special thanks to all the helpers particularly Leanne Kennedy as team manager and the boys had really earnt their flag. 

Skipper Loch Forge gleefully accepted the premiership on behalf of his team. 

Rennie won 19 games for the year. Their highest score was 33.24.222 and their lowest 9.18.72. 

The highest score against them was 2.0.12 in the grand final which was the only time for the season multiple goals were kicked against them. 

60 points was their smallest winning margin. 

Their home and away percentage was 4940.48 % and they had three players Doherty 86, Lonergan 72 and Kennedy 38 in the top 7 in the league goalkicking. 

Well done everyone, a huge effort.