Club Mulwala Snooker Club

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

Apparently there was some football played in September, but it was unlikely to have been as keenly contested as competition at Club Mulwala Snooker Club. 

On that note the club are anticipating that their delayed Winter Pairs championship final will be much more closely contested than other recent events, with Darren Thompson and Cooper Yeomans taking on Darren Edwards and Nev Page. 

Darren Edwards will be fresh after a week at country week golf whilst Darren Thompson has recently been trekking around Tasmania and touring around New Zealand as part of his preparation. 

Good luck to both pairs in one of the clubs banner events. 

Monday, September 23 was a round robin event that saw Tony Cincotta beating Nev Page in the final. Tony is starting to get the feel of the full size tables and is improving with every match. 

Ashley Nicholls continued his good form on September, 25 with a victory over Darren Edwards after both players won 2 matches to get into the final, well played gentlemen. 

The B Grade Club Championship commenced on Monday, September 30 with the final on Tuesday, October 1. 

Nev Page squared off against Tony Cincotta in the ultimate match after Nev fell in with a 2/1 semi final victory over Ashley Nicholls and Tony got through against Deb Harbrow. 

The final was square at 1 all when Tony fell victim to a serious stroke of bad luck that just allowed Nev to get over the line. 

Congratulations to both players on making their first ever championship finals. 

Social play on Wednesday, October 2 was very well supported and saw Ashley Nicholls again victorious with a final win over evergreen Hans Lang. 

Hans has been battling injury recently but is still playing very consistently, beware the injured snooker player.

As people can see on the Club Mulwala website and in its members newsletter, the club welcome new members or anyone who may like to give snooker a try. 

There are a variety of events held every Monday and Wednesday evening and there are plenty of opportunities for new players to join or come along to try the facilities out. 

The club have 2 excellently maintained full size tables available for competition, practice and visitor use, and a regularly updated handicapping system to ensure players from beginners to advanced level can compete equally. 

There are also plenty of experienced and skilled players who can help with advice and tips on how to improve your game or perhaps adapt it for those who have played pub or social pool in the past.  

Please contact the club on either 0497 062443 or 0418 361779 or visit on a Monday or Wednesday evening by 7pm if you would like to give snooker a try.

Player Profile – Hans Lang

Hans is a former President of the club and has held most offices in his time at the club. He is renowned for his ability to play doubles and is also a regular go lfer and tennis player/. 

Age: 81

What is your best break in competition to date? I made a 35 at Walter Lindrum’s and the German Club in Windsor some years ago. 

What do you enjoy the most about playing at Club Mulwala Snooker Club and what do you think are the best things about it? Great friendship and mates.

Best tip you have ever received and how it has helped your game? Always line your cue up in a straight line with where you are aiming. 

Any dirt on other member? I do not dob in my mates.

Advice to any prospective new players. Our members are always very friendly.