Tiny Tatura idea taking on the world

By Morgan Dyer

The café may be small but the Coffee+ waste warriors’ newest innovation has taken the world by storm.

With an ongoing commitment to fighting the war on waste, the Tatura café has begun recycling milk cartons to use as coffee takeaway trays.

Business owner Michelle Keen said one of her workers saw the idea online and brought it to her attention.

“We go through a lot these cartons of milk because we use a lot of soy and lactose-free,” Ms Keen said.

“We are always trying to think up new ways to eliminate waste, so this idea was perfect for us,” she said.

The trays have put Tatura on the world map after Ms Keen posted pictures of the milk cartons on the café's Facebook page.

The Daily Mail wrote an article about the idea and a number of ABC Facebook pages shared Ms Keen’s post.

“It’s just gone viral; I was even contacted by someone in Ireland,” Ms Keen said.

“It’s had millions of views and it’s boosted our café's Facebook page activity too."

It is not the first step the café has taken to eliminate waste, as it no longer stocks plastic water bottles or straws and provides people with a discount on their coffee if they bring a reusable cup.

Ms Keen said the cartons were easy to make and were sturdier then normal carriers because they were deeper.

“I hope every café starts using them,” she said.

“People are even bringing them back as if it's like a novelty or something.”

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