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May 11, 2017

All your golfing results from Yarrawonga and surrounds.

Tuesday, May 2 – Stroke
Murray Course (71 players): A Grade 6 balls John Payne (8) 68, 4 Balls Graham Fawcett (13) 69, 2 Balls John Ashby (6) 70 c/b, B Grade 6 Balls Guv Walker (18) 71, 4 Balls Gizmo Jacobs (20) 73 c/b, 2 balls Timothy Hargraves (17) 73, C Grade 6 Balls Brian Fielder (24) 73 c/b, 4 Balls Geoffrey Mullens ( 25) 73 C/b, 2 Balls Henry Gorecki (34) 73, Balls to 77 or Better, NTP 17th hole Stephen Campion.
Lake Course (84 players): A Grade 6 Balls Geoff Gourley (8) 66, 4 Balls Neville Hawke (10) 72, 2 Balls Phil Clarnette (5) 74 c/b, B Grade 6 balls Terry Perus (19) 68, 4 balls Anthony McFarlane (15) 72 c/b, 2 Balls Bruce Jolley (17) 72, C Grade 6 Balls Mick Smith (22) 71 c/b, 4 Balls Graeme Foster 924) 71, 2 Balls Robert Barrett (31) 72, Balls to 77 or better, NTP 7th hole Norm Coleman.
Thursday, May 4 – Stableford
Murray Course (80 players): A Grade 6 Balls John Wilson (6) 40pts c/b, 4 Balls Kenneth Jensen (10) 40pts, 2 Balls Barry Baines (8) 37pts c/b, B Grade 6 Balls Lawrence Bridgeman (16) 37 pts, 4 Balls Kenneth Mountney (18) 34pts c/b, 2 Balls Michael Lawless (14) 34pts, C grade 6 Balls Eric Holder (28) 39pts, 4 balls Cornelius O’Connell (24) 36pts, 2 Balls Robert Glare (23) 35pts c/b, Balls to 30pts or better, NTP 2nd hole Ian Lelievre.
Lake Course (61 players): A Grade 6 Balls Tom Crozier (15) 40pts, 4 Balls barry Webb (17) 38pts, 2 Balls Peter Warner (3) 37pts c/b, B Grade 6 balls Geoffrey Mullens (25) 39 pts, 4 Balls John Duncan (35) 38pts, 2 Balls Tony Rice (22) 37pts, Balls to 31pts or better, NTP 2nd hole Phil Clarnette.
Saturday, May 6 – Par
Murray Course (81 players): A Grade Winner Bob Castles (10) +4 c/b, Runner up Ian McInally (9) +4, B grade Winner Murray Tempany (19) +5, Runner up Bill Kedgley (26) +3, Balls to -3 or better, NTP 2nd hole Vincent Slattery,
Lake Course (71 players): A Grade Winner Oliver Ridley (11) +3 c/b, Runner up Geoff Gourley (7) +3, B Grade Winner Ian Davis (16) +4 c/b, Runner up Jim Colla (18) +4 c/b, Balls to -3 or better, NTP 2nd hole Peter Ferguson, Great Score 10th hole Leigh Thomas (eagle), Richard Hogg 18th hole (eagle).
Sunday, May 7 - Mixed 4BBB Stableford
Murray Course (46 players): 6 Balls Christine Cuff & Terry Perus 43pts, 4 balls Jo Anwin & Rod Snow 42pts, 2 Balls Gil Cunningham & Joyce White 41pts, Balls to 37 pts or better, NTP 2nd hole Tony Rice.

Pennant Final
Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort played in the Division 2 Scratch Pennant Final against the very strong Thurgoona outfit on Sunday on the beautiful Black Bull Golf Course. The conditions were extremely tough with a chilling wind blowing across the course and with the course set up in Championship mode.
Off the back markers, greens mowed down and rolled and some tight pin placements it was always going to be a tough ask for the older Yarrawonga team.
Thurgoona took the early ascendancy and were leading in all five matches by the 9th hole but a strong comeback saw the Yarrawonga team fight back.
By halfway through the back nine the Yarrawonga contingent had tied up the final with Garry Page and Steve Buckley taking the lead in their matches and Richard Hogg in a mighty see-sawing game against his opponent.
The result was in the balance until the final holes when the conditions finally took their toll and a couple of bad holes swung the balance back in Thurgoona’s favour.
In the end, Thurgoona took out the final 4 matches to one but it was a lot closer than the final score represented.
Well done to all the Yarrawonga players who represented the club in true golfing spirit and although beaten on the day, can hold their heads high.
Golf is a sport that has a reputation for sportsmanship and that was clearly demonstrated on Sunday. Well done Thurgoona, you were a deserved winner.
Coming Events: Men’s Club Championships. Time is running out so get you entries in now. Degustation Dinner: May 20th, 5 courses of high class dining. Do your taste buds a favour.  

YMGCR Ladies Golf – 9 Holes Ladies
Monday 1st May – Stableford with 36 players  -  Executive Nine: Section 1 Winner:  Marg Walker  21 points,  Runner Up:  Dianne Duffy  19 points. Section 2 Winner:  Sue Evans  19 points,  Runner Up:  Denise Sullivan  19 points c/b. Section 3 Winner:  Lynda McNelly  21 points,  Runner Up:  Sylvia Beveridge  19 points. NTP:  Maris Cook
Wednesday 3rd May – Stroke with 53 players  -  Executive Nine: A Grade Winner:  Jenny Gonera  34 nett c/b,  Runner Up:  Joan Bond  34 nett c/b. B Grade Winner:  Avril Smith  32 nett c/b,  Runner Up:  Lyn Mulquiney  32 c/b. C Grade Winner:  Audrey Earley  31 nett,  Runner Up:  Marita Ryan  36 nett. D Grade Winner:  Heather Kelly  29 nett,  Runner Up:  Marj Evans  34 nett. NTP:  Avril Smith

YMGCR Ladies Golf – 18 Holes Ladies
Wednesday 3rd May – Monthly Medal, Pewters: A & B Grades Lake Course with 35 players. Winner:  Aileen Buckley (10) 71 nett,  RunnerUp:  Jeanette Hogan (24)  72 nett. NTP:  14th Hole  -  Kathy Barnes
C & D Grades Murray Course with 39 players. Winner:  Julie-Anne Kennett (42) 69 nett,  Runner Up:  Lyn Philpot (42)  74 nett. NTP:  2nd Hole  -  Rosemarie Sandow
Saturday 6th May – Stableford with 63 players  -  Lake Course: A Grade Winner:  Robyn Moore (18)  40 points,  Runner Up:  Carmel Pukallus (16)  37 points. B Grade Winner:  Barb Hopkins (28)  34 points c/b,  Runner Up:  Liz Jensen (27)  34 points. NTP:  7th Hole  -  Noelle Stone
Entries for the Club Championships  (17th, 19th & 24th May) close on Saturday May 13.
Menu selections for the Championship Dinner (May 24) to be presented at reception, when paying for your dinner  ($35), plus indicate table choices.
During the past week, YMGCR ladies played at a variety of courses in very pleasant autumn weather.
Benalla hosted the Maie O’Shea Teams Event, with 20 of our players participating.  Gloria Roome won the NTP on the 8th hole.  Numurkah hosted the Glynmawr Salver, with 6 YMGCR ladies playing. Dot Brodie won the A Grade event – great effort.

Yarrawonga Golf Mens Nine Holers
May 2 – Stroke (Pot Round): Blue – winner Max Fraser (14) 30 c/b, runner-up Charlie Hope (10) 30. Red – winner Keith Hackman (16) 35 c/b, runner-up Terry Strickiland (6) 35. NTPs – Blue 4th Doug Ringholt, 8th Brian Moloney. Red 2nd and 7th Corny Boers.
May 4 – Stableford: Blue – winner Denis McNelly (17) 23pts, runner-up Gary Savage (13) 21pts. Red – winner Peter Mansfield (8) 19pts, runner-up Ron Hocking (5) 16pts. NTPs – Blue 4th Gary Savage, 8th Greg House. Red 2nd Ron Hocking, 7th Max Fraser.
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