Tungamah netball

June 07, 2017

Brinly Kruse in weekend netball action.

Jess Haebich playing in C Reserve.

A Grade

Katandra 49 def Tungamah 46.
In the first half of the game Tungamah A Grade held the lead. 
The girls were playing well but by the third quarter the fast game, a few poor passes and Katandra’s consistency saw Katandra take the lead. A close game to the end.
Awards:  ClubMulwala Danielle O’Shea, Byramine Homestead Kara Lawless.

B Grade

Katandra 43 def Tungamah 31.
It was a very even start to the game, with both teams scoring goal for goal. 
Errors started creeping in during the second quarter, with sprayed passes and scrappy work from both sides. 
Emma Walker took the court in the third quarter for her first senior appearance, and handled herself admirably.
It was a messy game to watch, particularly after a solid win last week.  Importantly though, the girls never gave up.
Thanks to Amber Ralph for benching.
Awards: Yarrawonga Myotherapy Brydee Bond, ClubMulwala Emma Walker.

C Grade

Tungamah 36 def by Katandra 66.
The girls struggled on the score board against an accurate Katandra, but certainly didn’t let the pressure stop.
Working well through the mid court resulted in some turnovers, great defensive pressure from the defenders and some very swift moves in goals.
Really great to see some of our girls try some new positions. Unfortunately the final score doesn’t reflect the hard work the girls put in this week.
Awards:  Elisha Dryden Byramine Homestead, Olivia Bakerzis Wingates.

C Reserve

Katandra 28 def Tungamah 21.
Tungamah met with Katandra this week for the second time this season.
Despite coming off second best it was clear to see that all of the girls are working great together as a team.
Larissa and Sarah worked well to secure rebounds and create turnovers in the defensive goal end.
While the girls in the mid court were able to find space and use their time effectively when passing the ball down court.

Under 17s

Tungamah 55 def Katandra 33.
Having their first loss against Katandra in the first round it was sure to be a tough game ahead.
With the shooters starting off strongly the defence end struggled to cut off any goals with the rebounds just not going the girls’ way.
Hard work from Caity Whitelock, Ally Cooper and Hannah Keel in the mid court gave Tungamah a few turnovers which allowed them to finish the first quarter with a comfortable lead.
There were a few changes going into the third quarter when everyone played their best quarter of netball so far.
Molly and Abbey worked brilliantly as a team in the defence end getting rebounds and picking off loose balls.
Adele and Liv hardly missed a goal for the day getting Tungamah to a 22 goal lead by the end.
It was extremely difficult to pick awards because all worked hard adjusting to the changes and working great as a team.
Losing to Katandra by 15 in the first round then to come back and beat them by 22 can only mean good things.
Awards: One Zach Olivia Hayes, Golf Club Abbey Griffin.

Under 15

Tungamah 46 def Katandra 19.
Beautiful morning at Katandra, but it took the girls some time to settle into the game. 
Some errors in passing gave their opponents some opportunities but the girls fought hard to win back and score. 
Second half was much better with control and thinking about the ball.  Good win girls and we look forward to next week.
Awards: Chantelle Dingemans La Porchetta, Emma Walker Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort.

Under 13

Tungamah 23 def Katandra 8.
The girls started off really strong by sticking tight on their opponents all the way down the court.
Keeping on their toes and getting three feet before hands up made such a difference gaining plenty of turnovers.
Players were put in positions they usually don’t play and got on with the job, pushing themselves to the end.
Awards: Jaziah La Porchetta, Beth Crusty Loaf, Penny Golf Club.
This week the girl’s skills were put to the test against a very strong Katandra team.
Tungamah lost many turn overs and the Minis had to mix it up a little and change their strategies to have a better second half. Overall a fantastic game to watch with each player being challenged to their full potential.
Awards: Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort Mykie McBurnie, Crusty Loaf Mia Elliott, Ricky D’s Aleila McAllen
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