Rennie netball

June 28, 2017

The youngest Rennie netballers, the Minis, enjoyed a special day just for them.

The Rennie Football Netball Club was abuzz as the day started, pleased to host Minis Day for the 11 and under netballers.

The first netball games of the day begin at 10am, but on Saturday the girls were especially excited as the day was a focus on them and they were keen to play.
The courts were decorated with green and blue balloons, and the ‘Kats’ had prepared a special banner for the girls to run through prior to playing.
The six periods of play were enjoyed in the usual fun way, with everyone having lots of court time.
After the game, the girls were all presented with a showbag of goodies, which were received in the same positive and polite manner that they played.
A great night was also had at the Rennie Junior Ball on Saturday.
It was fantastic to see almost 100 junior Hoppers dressed in their finest, carving up the dance floor.
Special thanks for coordinating and organising the event to Lexie Nolen, captain of the 17s netball team.
The RFNC appreciates all of the support shown by members, with many already anticipating next year’s event.

A Grade

Rennie 36 defeated by Katandra 46
A solid start saw Rennie leading by one goal in the first change over.
The girls were settled and cool, calm and collected.
With a new combination of team players yet again, the girls started to make mistakes that took hold on the scoreboard.
Great defence by Chelsea Beavis and Maddie McInness gave the team multiple opportunities in attack, but they just couldn’t capitalise.
The 17s girls are improving out of sight, and deserve a huge congratulations for their persistence and desire to improve.

B Grade

Rennie 38 defeated Katandra 27
Another great game to watch from the Rennie B grade girls.
With plenty of fresh legs the team managed to play a very steady paced netball game.
The shooting combination of Brooke McDougall and Karen Kaine worked well in the ring, using great opportunities at goal.
The defence end worked hard all day with turnovers and rebounds, and the mid-court found plenty of space to drive into.
Awards: Mulwala Bakery – Brooke McDougall, The Naked Tree – Kayla Oughton, Soul Sisters – Karen Kaine and Thyme for Coffee – Petra Williamson.
C Grade
Rennie 37 defeated by Katandra 52
Awards: Mulwala Bakery – Kristy-Rose McDougall, Yarrawonga Hotel – Sophie Judd and Lake Mulwala Hotel – Sarah Dowling and Redback Waste – Kacey Kindred.

C Reserve

Rennie 35 defeated Katandra 21
It was second versus third, so the girls knew it was going to be a tough game, especially with the added windy conditions.
Accurate passing and shooting were the team goals for the day, although the passing let the girls down, especially in the first quarter.
Positional changes led to a solid two quarters of play where the girls were able to extend and capitalise on a lead.
The defenders worked overtime rebounding, alongside the mid-court and attacking end, which fed the shooters beautifully.
Awards: Terminus Hotel – Tayah McCarthy, One Zach – Eden Mackinnon, Allure Hair – Amy Bye and Mulwala Bakery – Zoe Worland.

Under 17s
Rennie 45 defeated Katandra 15
Another great win for the 17’s against Katandra. All the work at training over the last few weeks was very evident with some excellent passing down the court.
The defenders made it very difficult for Katandra to score. Well done to all girls.
Awards: Bella Femme Ness – Lani Crawford, Wingate’s – Chelsea Beavis, Burn’s Earthworks – Brylee McCarty and Athenaeum – Maddie McInness.

Under 15s
Rennie 29 defeated Katandra 19
The girls started really strong and yet again with positional changes, everyone adjusted really well.  Keep up the team work.
Awards: Mulwala Bakery– Hayley Bigger, Judd’s Mensland – Chloe Forge, Yarra Fish’n’Chips – Nikita-Lee Wallace and Ricky D’s Pizza – Phoebe Thorpe.
Awards: Yarrawonga Hotel – Chelsea Beavis, Bella Pelle – Maddie McInness, Balance Spin Studio – Kaitlyn Ackerly and Mint Boutique – Brylee McCarty.

Under 13s
Rennie 16 defeated Katandra 11.
A tough contested game with many turnovers, however the girls walked away with the win.
Some terrific passages of play with the girls making space and displaying improved passing. Awards: La Porchetta - Lilly Levesque, Yarra Hot Bread – Aleesha Laversa, Arnold/Hall Family – Chloe Walls and Redback Waste- Ella Rhodes.
Allure Hair is the sponsor of the week.  The club thanks Sophie Judd for her support of the Rennie Netball Club.  
Rennie Netball club encourages all members to make sure that they support those who support the club.

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