Netball round-up

June 28, 2017

Tungamah netball

A Grade

Tungamah 39 def by Waaia 46.
A strong and consistent game played by Tungamah.
Great defensive work by Kim and Abbey.
Danielle, Adele and Victoria provided strong drives through the middle of court.
Chelsea and Molly worked hard in goals against Waaia’s excellent defence.
Great game to watch against the undefeated team.
Awards: Kim Byramine Homestead, Adele Yarrawonga Myotherapy.

B Grade

Waaia 66 def Tungamah 16.
Tungamah were subjected to a dominant performance by a strong Waaia side from the very beginning of the game. 
Waaia did exactly what they wanted and Tungamah seemed almost unable to stop them.  There were some glimpses of good play with some defensive intercepts and good forward movement, but we just could not convert. 
Waaia too good on the day.  
Awards: Byramine Homestead Tegan Maree Powell, Thursday Night Club Meal Kait Megarrity.

Under 15

Tungamah 44 def Waaia 11.
First playing fifth doesn’t necessarily mean it will be an easy win for Tungamah, but the girls go into every game with a ‘can do’ attitude. 
Waaia won the centre pass but the ball was turned over immediately by mid court who drove the ball quickly down to the shooters and in quick concession the goals went in for Tungamah. 
Waaia defended well and Tungamah did make some errors with their sometimes too fast play, but they fought hard defending down the court to win the ball back. 
The mid-court made some great intercepts, turning over the ball which then flowed down to the shooters who didn’t miss many, even when blinded by the morning sun. 
Waaia’s tall shooters were outmatched by the defenders where there was great defensive work both around the goal circle and under the ring. 
Awards: Ella Costigan One Zach, Emma Walker La Porchetta,  Chantelle Dingeman Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort.

Mulwala netball

A Grade

Mulwala 31 defeated by Deniliquin 67
The Lions started strongly this week with direct drives and accurate passing, Loz and Maddi hitting the ring beautifully.
Finding their rhythm for their first full match together, Jordy and Chloe held their own against tough defensive pressure in the ring, converting well to trail by only 4 goals at quarter time.
Deni pulled away after quarter time, however the Lions continued to work well together, applying plenty of pressure down the court and effecting numerous turnovers.
Unfortunately Deni were just too strong on the day, but the girls continue to improve and it was pleasing to see a number of set plays brought into the game.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Hayley Fry, Wingates – Rorri Phibbs  

B Grade

Mulwala 46 defeated by Deniliquin 41
A tough day at the office for the in-form B grade Lions coming up against a strong, physical opposition.
Deni took an early lead with their goalers moving well and finding accuracy in every shot.
The Lions however, held on and found their form just as the first quarter ended.
They came out firing in the second, applying pressure in defence which caused issues for the Deni goalers, allowing Brit and Amy to send the ball back into attack.
Jade and Tea combined well in goals, working hard to close the gap. The girls fought hard all day, moving the ball well down the court with some sensational play.
The Rams were just too strong this week, coming away with a close 5 goal win.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Elise Beamish, One Zach – Tea Glass

C Grade

Mulwala 31 defeated Deniliquin 23
It was an early foggy trip to Deni but well worth it with C grade coming out on top.
It was a great team effort with everyone putting in 100 percent for the entire game.
Let’s build on Sami’s energy and enthusiasm and keep the positive attitudes rolling along – great win girls.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Lisa Weir, La Porchetta – Ash McKee

C Res Grade

Mulwala 23 defeated by Deniliquin 45
Unfortunately the girls had a loss on Saturday, Deniliquin proving why they are third on the ladder.
Too many silly mistakes and inaccurate shooting was the team’s downfall, however the Lions fought hard all game, not giving up despite the score.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Aubrey Rodriguez, La Porchetta – Ebony Kane

17 & under

Mulwala 31 drew with Deniliquin 31
The Lions came into the game full of determination and with nothing to lose.
The Rams however had the stronger start, their goalers finding accuracy, and taking an early lead going into the first quarter.
A few positional changes made all the difference with Tess and Hollie combining well in attack to drive the ball into goals, Dee and Lilly converting accordingly.
Gaining the upper hand caused the Rams to lose confidence and make a number of unforced errors.
The Lions however still trailed by 5 goals going into the last quarter.
They attacked with abandon in the last quarter, pouncing on every loose ball and converting every scoring opportunity to close the gap and level the scores on the final siren.
A great game by all.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Hollie McNamara, YMGCR – Lilly Gallagher

15 & under

Mulwala 16 defeated by Deniliquin 47
This week was a tough one for the girls with Deniliquin sitting in third spot on the ladder and having extraordinary height across the court.
However the girls ran many plays and worked hard to get their goals in, doing everything that was asked of them and never dropping their heads.
The defenders worked overtime getting their hands to many balls and our shooters did their best to get their goals in.
There was plenty of encouragement on the court, bringing the team together and helping them maintain their confidence.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Danielle Harris, YMGCR – Darcy Barton

13 & under
Mulwala 33 defeated Deniliquin 27
A crucial game this week for the young Lions, sitting in 5th place on the ladder and up against 6th place Deniliquin, with both teams on equal points.
The girls did not disappoint. Jazz and Abbey were feeding the shooters with pin point precision passes and the defensive pressure all over the court was much improved to give Mulwala a 4 goal lead at quarter time.
Chloe was holding beautifully while Lozzy was driving hard to the front position rattling the Deni defenders and finishing off with some superb shooting having a 13 goal haul for the quarter.
Bella and Freya were relentless in their pressure and are proving to be a formidable defensive combination along with Pip doing the hard work out front not giving her player an inch.
Deni came home strong but the girls kept their cool to come away with a 6 goal win.
Awards:  Foodworks Top Lion – Jazzmyn James, YMGCR– Freya Fletcher

12 & under
Mulwala 2 defeated by Deniliquin 30
The young Lions went out and faced another challenging side and they worked hard all game. With more scoring opportunities the girls had a new skip in their step.
The attacking end worked well with feeding the ball to the shooters allowing them to shoot at every opportunity.
The defensive end worked overtime to try and halt some very accurate shooting from Deni’s very tall shooters.
The young Lions rallied behind each other and tried hard to keep up their positive spirits. Keep working hard girls and we will continue to have personal successes.
Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Matilda McDonald, YMGCR – Bria Seamer

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