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July 20, 2017

Club Mulwala Outdoor Bowls

It has been a good week for bowls with the weather cold but dry, the cold certainly sorts out the keen bowler from the fair weather bowler.

Tuesday Social was again well supported with the winners on the day Pam Dodman and Cliff Morton, runners up were Albert (Dodi) Dodman and Jan Morton.The Jackpot did not go off.

Remember: Social Bowls for the winter, Midweek 12.30pm on Tuesday (names in by 11am on the day)

Sunday : the club is changing the Sunday format to enable single entry bowlers to join in, the previous 2-4-2 format was believed to be too restrictive in that it required an even number of pairs to enter. The club will now structure the competition on the day to suit the entries received, names in by 11am on the day please.

If you are interested in joining a great bowls club where you will be welcomed to a very happy and friendly enviroment check out the special offer for new members - no membership fee for the first year, plus a $25 club voucher towards your club shirt plus much more, full details are listed on the notice board adjacent to the storage lockers near #1 green, or give President Dodi a call to discuss, (0418994419).

Membership fees are now due, payment can be left at reception in an envelope addressed to treasurer David King.

Lists are up for those wishing to play Tueday or Saturday pennant to enter their names, the club needs experienced and also new players, if you have any questions please contact President Dodi.


Wednesday pairs had 28 players and saw 4 teams win their 2 games.

Victory went to Peter Velardo and Gavin Borwick 16 shots up and the runners-up were Ian Morffew and a visitor from Strathmore Kevin Park.

The jackpot was worth over $200 dollars and had to go off and there were two very happy winners in Mal Beer and Doug McTier.

Friday saw 20 bowlers play in cold and wet conditions with the successful combination being Greg Green and Lois Fiddes with 2 wins and the runners-up Seiggi Rempell and Hans Lang. Jackpot failed to go off and don’t forget if you want a game you have to put your name down on the list.

The club ventured into Sunday bowls due to the interest of members and 24 players turned out. There were 5 two game winners - winners were Peter Velardo and Lois Fiddes again with 21 shots up. Runners-up with 2 wins and 10 shots up were Bob Fiddes and Danny McNeill.

The club has generously given two steak night vouchers for the also rans, this week the winners were Lois Ellis and Rob Hummel.

If you are interested in a game on Sunday put your name down on the sheet, games start at 1pm and there is a random draw for partners.

Yarrawonga Bowls Club

This week members were able to play all scheduled games with the weather being kind, although it was a bit chilly.

The social committee for the Yarrawonga Bowls Club invites all interested parties to come along to a luncheon at Lake Moodemere Estate on Sunday July 30, the bus leaves the club at 11.45am. The cost of the day is $40 and this includes a 3-course lunch and the shuttle bus.

If you would like to attend please put your name on the list in the club rooms by July 20 so numbers can be confirmed.

The results for the game played on Monday, July 10 - winners were Rodger McKenzie and Teddy Edwards, the runners-up were Brian Batty and Alan Tomlinson.

The jackpot was not claimed on the day so it has been carried over until July 17.

There were 16 teams on the greens which isn’t too bad considering the time of year and the cold weather.

On Wednesday July 12, bowlers played 3 bowl triples with 24 players on the greens and the winners of the day were Pam Gibbons, Stuart Davey and Brian Batty, the runners-up were Jack Jarden, Teddy Edwards and Bobby Jeffcott. The jackpot was claimed by Teddy, Jack and Bobby.

On Saturday July 15, bowlers played a social game of triples with 30 players on the greens and the winners of the day were P. Dodman, S. Davey and A. Polkinghorne, the runners-up were R. Neilsen, V. Kennedy and R. Albert.

The jackpot was not won so it has been carried over until July 22.

This week’s games are Wednesday Jackpot Triples, Saturday, July 22 social game and Monday, July 24 nominated pairs 2-4-2.

All games start at 12.30pm and entry for these games close at 11am on the day of the game.

ClubMulwala Indoor Bowls

There were 2 x 2 game winners on Monday, July 10 . The winner by 2 points with34 points were Marna Tomlinson (s), Val Bryce, Judi Cummins and Gwen Owen.

With 32 points John Ellis (s), Barb Eberle and Chris Limberg were second.

There had to be a count back to see who would win the encouragement award between Wilf's and Ian's teams .Wilf Owen (s), Kay Ellis Joan Wilson and Frank Liberg won with 9 points and -5.

Thursday 13th July saw 2 x 2 game winners competing for first place. Val Bryce (s), Jeanette Davies and Chris Wilson with 33 points won. Wilf Owen (s), Fran Smith and Geoff Charlwood came second with 31 points.

The encouragement went to Reg Bryce (s) Kay Ellis, Frank Liberg and Monica O'Callaghan with 5 points.

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