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August 02, 2017

Bob and Anna Castles under the Life Members Clock on House Committee Day.

House Committee Day, Sunday July 30.
The House Committee at the Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort do a fantastic job ensuring visitors and members alike have the best experience possible when they are at the resort.
The food, the service, entertainment and accommodation are just some things they oversee as part of their role and responsibilities.
So it was not surprising that the competition they held last Sunday went off without a hitch.
It was a brilliant day, full of colour and everyone who played enjoyed the fun and friendship that golf can provide.
On the course there were winners everywhere. The team of Peter Warner, Ruth Mackie, Darrell Lynch and Travis Collier were narrowly beaten into second place by Heather Briggs, Dalton Wegener and John Wilson who had a great score of 57 off the stick (52.833 nett).
There were nearest the pins on all the par 3s with Heather Briggs almost knocking the stick out on the second, Judy Fawcett firing in a beauty on the 7th, the little master Jay-Ar Martin hit a ripper on the 12th and John ‘legs’ Surridge hit one out of the box on the 14th.
Those shots were not in the same class as the one Dalton Wegener hit on the par 5, 18th hole.
After a great drive from John Wilson, Wegener hit the perfect 3 wood which rattled the pin and fell into the hole for an Albatross 2.
Even with all the great golf happening out on the course, it was the off course action which stole the day with the ‘colouring up’ by Bob and Anna Castles.
Seeing Bob in a pair of orange plus fours and Anna in something other than black is of Haley’s Comet proportions. Some people may see it once but will never see again in their lifetime.
As for the ball competition, well on a day like this it was only fitting that everyone that played won a ball. This was made possible with the generosity of Evan Droop and Tony Elliott in the Pro shop. The day was concluded with everyone attending the Sunday smorgasbord dinner. A fitting end to a fantastic day. Thanks to everyone that played.
Tuesday, July 25 Course: Murray Competition: Par Total Entrants: 39
6 balls Ken Barnes (8) 0 c/b, 4 balls George Agius (27) 0, 2 balls Nick Moraitis (14) -1 c/b, balls to -6 or better, NTP 17th hole Anthony McFarlane.
Course: Lake Competition: Par Total Entrants: 62
A Grade 6 balls Tom Crozier (13) +5, 4 balls Terry Perus (18) +2 c/b, 2 balls Ken Jensen (12) +2, B Grade 6 balls Donald Dudley (36) +2 c/b, 4 balls Robert Isaacs (25) +2 c/b, 2 balls John Woodburn +2 c/b, balls to -5 or better, NTP 7th hole Graeme Munro.
Thursday, July 27 Course: Murray Competition: Stableford Total Entrants: 52
A Grade 6 balls David Cleaver (11) 40 pts, 4 balls Barry Sullivan (10) 39 pts, 2 balls Glenn Tomlinson (16) 38 pts, B Grade 6 balls Glenn Tytler (31) 41 pts, 4 balls Keith Allen (22) 38 pts, 2 balls Michael Lynch (18) 36 pts, balls to 32 pts or better, NTP 10th hole Phil Clarnette.
Course: Lake Competition: Stableford Total Entrants: 51
A Grade 6 balls ted Wells (7) 37 pts, 4 balls Nick Moraitis (14) 36 pts, 2 Balls Rob Dick (12) 35 pts c/b, B Grade 6 balls John Surridge (17) 36 pts, 4 balls (W bob R) Mitchell (25) 33pts c/b, 2 balls Tony Rice (18) 33 pts c/b, balls to 29 pts or better, NTP 2nd hole Rodney Smith.
Saturday, July 29 Course: Murray Competition: Stableford Total Entrants: 75
A Grade winner Keith Holt (12) 38 pts, runner up Fraser Jeffrey (15) 36 pts, B Grade winner Andrew Lefevre (19) 36 pts c/b, runner up Neil Russell (18) 36 pts, balls to 29 pts or better, NTP 17th hole Keith Holt.
Course: Lake Competition: Stableford Total Entrants: 59
A Grade winner Rodney Carroll (17) 35 pts, runner up Ben Casley (11) 34 pts, B Grade winner Kenneth Shalders (23) 33 pts c/b, runner up Adam Mockett (22) 33 pts c/b, balls to 30 pts or better.

YMGCR Ladies Golf
9 Holes Ladies
Monday, July 24: Stableford with 24 players  -  Executive Nine
Section 1 Winner:  Chris Maloney 19 points, runner-up:  Barb Long 17 points
Section 2 Winner:  Jackie Smith 20 points,  runner-up:  Janet Tett 16 points c/b
Wednesday July 26:  Stroke with 44 players  -  Executive Nine
A Grade Winner:  Julie Kennett 33 nett, runner-up:  Marg Walker 34 nett
B Grade Winner:  Chris Barry 30 nett, runner-up:  Olive Ryan 33 nett
C Grade Winner:  Cheryl Spratling 32 nett, runner-up:  Lyn Jones 32 nett c/b
D Grade Winner:  Marita Ryan 35 nett, runner-up:  Thelma Smith 35 nett c/b
NTP:  Jenny Gonera

18 Holes Ladies
Wednesday, July 26:    Stableford with 48 players  -  Lake Course
A Grade Winner:  Mandy Shell (26) 36 points, runner-up: Kathy Overington (13) 32 points
B Grade Winner:  Pauline Lynch (32) 35 points, runner-up: Carol Tytler (34) 33 points
NTP:  2nd Hole – Cheryl Viner
Hole in One:  Cathy Tippet – 7th Hole using a 7 iron
Saturday, July 29: Stableford with 56 players  -  Lake Course
A Grade Winner:  Jeanette Hogan (22) 37 points, runner-up:  Kaye Reeves (23) 34 points
B Grade Winner:  Rosemarie Sandow (29) 41 points, runner-up:  Glenise Duggan (40) 32 c/b
NTP:  2nd Hole – Kathy Overington
This week, 13 ladies from YMGCR braved very wintery conditions, to play in the G.V. Country Championships held at Cobram Barooga G.C.
Georgia Macklan and Judy Langford finished 4th, Julie Kirchen and Sam Churchin were 12th in the 36 hole Foursomes.
Players whose handicaps were 0-17, played in the 36 hole Victorian Women’s Championship with Karen Droop enjoying some good results.
Players with handicaps 18-36 contended for the Glenelg Cup. Jo Anwin finished 12th, Anne Johnson 14th and Jan Hemphill 18th. Congratulations to all ladies representing YMGCR, in tough conditions.  
In 2018, the Country Championships will see YMGCR as host club. The event usually attracts some 250 ladies, which will be beneficial to the club and Yarrawonga Mulwala.

Yarrawonga Golf Mens Nine Holers
July 25 Stableford 65 players.
Blue – winner Norm Moule (13) 22pts. Runner-up John Hall (12) 19pts.
Red – winner Norm Prior (8) 19pts c/b,  runner-up Kerry Pendergast (10) 19pts.
NTPs – Blue 4th Terry Strickland, 8th Jim Hunter. Red 2nd Laurie Winkworth, 7th Jo Cilia.
July 27, 4BBB Stableford 56 players.
Blue – winners Norm Knott/Joe Borg 24pts, runners-up Bill Lowrie/Peter Dowie 22pts c/b.
Red – winners Charlie Hope/Frank Reece 21pts, runners-up Corny Boers/Phil Eaton 20pts.
NTPs – Blue 2nd Knott/Borg, 6th Brincat/Loveridge. Red 2nd C Hope/F Reece, 7th N Moule/D Ferguson.

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