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September 06, 2017

Plebiscite falsehood

I write to you over concerns expressed regarding the flyers distributed by the Yarrawonga- Mulwala Bridge Green Route Group.
The diagram of the grey route as shown in the flyer is misleading in its message, indicating it goes down Belmore Street when in fact it diverts into Irvine Parade and then to the Murray Valley Highway.  
The information being distributed for the plebiscite by the Green Route Group is inaccurate. You would have to ask why?
For some reason this does not seem to matter to some, as why let the truth get in the way of their agenda?
People should read the correct information as distributed by Vic Roads and make an informed decision.

Daryl Davey

Vote option 1 green

What a magnificent write up on page 7 of the Chronicle last Wednesday.
The whole green route there for us all to see. This is what is needed for Yarrawonga-Mulwala.
When Corowa, Numurkah, Benalla and Wangaratta got their bypass they got the heavy traffic out of town and their main shopping areas thrived.
Rutherglen does not have a bypass and look at the trouble that they are in. We must not be a Rutherglen.
It is also great to see 10 of our greatest community workers come together as one to support the green route.
Together these 10 people have given in excess of 500 years community service to Yarrawonga-Mulwala. That is why they have been recognised and honoured by our government with their OAMs.
They are also very strong and vibrant business people, these 10 people know and love Yarrawonga.
We are fortunate that they are prepared to share their knowledge with us.
Please join with them and secure the future for our grandchildren and our great grandchildren.
If we get this wrong it will be wrong for 100 years.
Please vote option 1 green.

Leo Kelly.

Plebiscite debacle continues

Dear Yarrawonga and neighbouring residents – Vote Grey (Option 2).
This is a fact – existing old bridge will be demolished.
-     you are voting for green or grey route without the old bridge linking Melbourne Street and Belmore Street.
-     This link is the life blood of our business centres and tourism hub.  The new grey route bridge will include a 3-5 metre promenade to accommodate all our current need plus lots more (including no future maintenance costs to burden our children and grandchildren with when we are gone).
No if or buts, we cannot afford to keep the old bridge, our younger residents will not help maintain it.
They are not interested, more to do in life, must say I don’t blame them, especially when we can have a brand new bridge with no strings attached.
Also we do not need to put time and money towards maintaining new bridge (VicRoads and RMS) – simple really.
Old bridge will be demolished. The facts are;
-     No financial support from Moira Shire, Federation Shire, VicRoads, RMS NSW.
-     No financial support from either state or federal government authorities.
Good on the green route supporters for having a crack, but it has not worked and you do not have a solution to keep the old bridge as residents vote on plebiscite (had lots of time and more importantly lots of knock backs with your ideas/proposals).
Please stop misleading our residents young and old.
Please stop making statements to the media (Nine Border East News, August 28) like stating that explosives trucks will still drive up Belmore Street with grey route option.
This statement is totally 100% untrue.
Heavy transport vehicles will not (this has been stated about one thousand times) be going into Belmore Street from the north end of grey route.
They will not be in Belmore Street at all.
Green Route supporters, it is time to move on, we cannot win them all and we certainly cannot keep everybody happy.
I personally am relieved our communities will not be burdened with the old bridge and associated costs/labour into the future.
Above all – sit down and read the information available to you – some information can be misleading.
An example is the recent flyer circulated by green route supporters looks like the grey route will still go up Belmore Street (wrong) and then to say explosive trucks will still go up Belmore? (Not true) etc. etc. etc.
Do your own research and vote accordingly.
Or don’t vote if you have no interest and are only voting because.

Ken McLean

OAM’s Support Green Option 1

It was pleasing to see the overwhelming support for Option 1 Green route bridge from the OAM’s in last week’s Chronicle.
These people are long term residents of Yarrawonga Mulwala, they all have successful lives with significant contributions to business and to community.
Their passion for the community and volunteer work over many years offers great incite and understanding of the community.
It is their passion and understanding of the community that led to the achievements which have resulted in their national accolades.
It was apparent from the letter that it was not a spur of the moment decision, it was considered weighing all options, ideas and recommendations prior to going to print.
The remainder of the community need give serious consideration to the position taken by the OAM’s as their leadership and achievement has served Yarrawonga Mulwala well for many years.
The Tourism Board have unanimously supported the green route from the outset.
We would like to ensure the top end of Belmore Street and foreshore area is transformed into a tourist precinct over time.
The grey route will not allow this transformation.
We are moving toward Yarrawonga Mulwala being the best inland tourist destination in Eastern Australia.
We envisage the precinct would be a high volume recreational tourism area for foot and cycle traffic.
This will create an environment in Yarrawonga Mulwala that will drive regional demand and increase the economic impact of the local tourism supply chain.
The introduction of Aquazone was a significant step forward in the creation of the tourism precinct.
It is tourism products like Aquazone that attract numerous regional visitors spending money at Aquazone, but there is also a significant secondary spend in Belmore Street as a direct result of Aquazone.
The tourism precinct would be about inviting/encouraging complimentary businesses like Aquazone to participate in the precinct over the coming years.
The introduction of these complimentary tourism businesses would result in wealth creation for all – a rising tide floats all boats.

Noel Wright
Executive Officer
Yarrawonga Mulwala Visitor Information Centre

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