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September 27, 2017

The marriage problem

I am hearing many arguments regarding whether two of the same gender should marry.
Here’s a couple of ideas. It really is a unique idea.
One wonders why the matter has come up recently with such confidence.
Why has it come like that during the present time?
Why didn’t it come up at some time during the millions of years when people were on the planet?
Is the idea really new?
Is it that some groups of people are different? That argument collapses when we realise that the word difference applies to each and every person alive.
If you disagree then think of someone who is the same as you.
Twins are interesting, but still are different.
So there is no case against people who are especially different. They have the rights of every one of us.
Most of the other ideas seem to be related to either love or money.
No arguments please, I know love is so important.

Ron Neilsen.

Grey Option - the only way to go

Q. Will the old bridge be saved?
A. No
Q. Are some groups and individuals giving false hope by suggesting the Green vote will save the old bridge?
A. Absolutely
Q. Hypothetically, if the owners of the bridge (NSW Government) were to hand it over to to be “saved”, and this won’t happen, who would get it?
A. No group smaller than a Shire would be entrusted.
Q. Do Moira and/or Federation Shires want to take over the responsibility of the old bridge?
A. No
Q. Does the Moira Shire see any Financial, Tourism or Heritage value in saving the old bridge?
A. No
Q. Do the Victorian or NSW Governments want to maintain responsibility for the old bridge?
A. No. Clearly not.
Q. Do local residents value highly the current bridge’s direct link between the main streets of Yarrawonga and Mulwala?
A. Yes
Q. Do businesses in Belmore Street want the Grey route built?
A. Yes. A recent petition confirmed this.
Q. Does Yarrawonga township have a bypass already?
A. Yes. The Murray Valley Highway.
Q. Is Yarrawonga or Mulwala on a major North/South truck or transport route?
A. No
Q. Is it possible for a town to “bypass” itself into oblivion?
A. Yes.
Q. Is it true 88% of all traffic is “local start/local finish” and a further 10% originates in one of the 2 towns and continues on and out or through the other town?
A. Yes
Q. What percentage of traffic is large vehicles and/or “through” traffic?
A. 2% and some of that is seasonal only.
Q. Should a sensible bridge alignment conveniently cater for 98% of traffic or be built for 2%?
A. 98%. Of course, the trucks and machinery will be able to use this new, wide Grey route as well.
Q. What about when the towns get really busy at Christmas and Easter?
A. Visitors become locals when they are here and would benefit from the access provided by the Grey route, just as residents would all year round.
Q. Does it make sense to put the bridge access on the west of the town when the growth is to the east?
A. No
Q. Are VicRoads and RMS NSW experts in bridge design and alignment?
A. Yes. They have designed and built many bridges.
Q. Have there been extensive surveys, studies, consultation and information meetings and modelling by the road authorities over a number of years?
A. Yes. And they are still being held.
Q. Was the Green route ever chosen as the preferred option?
A. No. Never. Terry Mulder, while his Government was in caretaker mode, visited the area and said if the government was re-elected it would support the Green. There has only ever been one official Government decision, the grey.
Q. Are there ongoing, unresolved concerns about Aboriginal burial sites?
A. No. Local Aboriginal tribes had represenatatives on the initial planning group for years and all their concerns have been addressed.
Q. Are there detailed drawings and specifications for the bridge and its access points?
A. No. It’s still early days. Once the next funding is obtained, these will be done. Anyone criticising VicRoads for lack of detail is being premature and unrealistic.
Q. Will the Grey route be more expensive than the Green?
A. No. An advertisement from VicRoads was placed in the Yarrawonga Chronicle on Wednesday 16 December 2015. An extract;
“.... in comparing costs between the preferred Grey route (now the designated route) and the Green route, at this point in time our concept estimates indicate no substantial difference between the two options.” - Brian Sherritt, Regional Director.

Peter Bennett

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