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December 13, 2017

Santa delivering some good cheer to Pam Andreasen, Anna Castles and Lynda McNelly.

YMGC competition results

Tuesday, December 5
Murray – Men’s Stroke
Total Entrants 133
A Grade 7 balls Ken Jensen (12) 63, 5 balls Kerry Parker (8) 66 c/b, 3 balls Peter Warner (5) 66, B Grade 7 balls Anthony McFarlane (16) 65, 5 balls Peter Vickers (15) 68, 3 balls Brian Hore (15) 69 c/b, C Grade 7 balls Roy McCann (19) 67, 5 balls terry Perus (20) 68, 3 balls John Burrows (22) 69, D Grade 7 balls Barrie Cox (34) 65 c/b, 5 balls George Argus (26) 65, 3 balls Robert Barrett ( 31) 70, balls to 75 or better, NTP 2nd hole Ted Wells.
Thursday,December 7
Murray – Men’s Par
Total Entrants 76
A Grade 7 balls Grant Churchin (16) +4, 5 balls Peter Warner (4) +3 c/b, 3 balls Steven Webster (15) +3 c/b, B Grade 7 balls Rodney harris (200 +2 c/b, 5 balls Brian Panther (21) +2, 3 balls Jim Conway (17) +1, C Grade 7 balls Anthony Durkin (35) +6, 5 balls Ross Hooper (34) +4, 3 balls Simon Burke (28) +3 c/b, balls to -4 or better, NTP 2nd hole Neil Clark.
Lake – Men’s Par
Total Entrants 54
A Grade 7 balls Phil Clarnette (6) +4 c/b, 5 balls Ray Mountney (16) +4, 3 balls Tom Crozier (15) +1 c/b, B Grade 7 balls Steven Wiliamson (25) +6, 5 balls Barry Baines (20) +3, 3 balls Jim Faulkner 921) +2 c/b, balls to -2 or better, Great Score Phil Clarnette Eagle 9th, Des Roome Eagle 5th, NTP 7th Hole Phil Clarnette.
Saturday, December 9
Murray – Men’s Stableford
Total Entrants 83
A Grade Winner Charles Le Chevallier (8) 40 pts, Runner up Keith Holt (11) 39 pts, B Grade Winner Peter Colvin (16) 46 pts, Runner up Drew Barnes (18) 42 pts c/b, balls to 32 pts or better,Great Score Phil Clarnette eagle 5th,  NTP 2nd hole Reece Geary
Lake – Men’s Stableford
Total Entrants 70
A Grade Winner Richard Hogg (6) 42 pts, Runner up Denis Ampfea (15) 41 pts, B Grade Winner Robert Woodgate (20) 44 pts, Runner up Jim Conway (17) 39 pts, balls to 33 pts or better, Great score Chris Rowlands eagle 9th, NTP 2nd hole Stephen Boyer.
Lake – Ladies Stableford
Total Entrants 40
7 balls Janice Bond (40) 39 pts, 5 balls Wendy Dickson (21) 38 pts c/b, 3 balls Pamela Andreasen (33) 38 pts, balls to 29 pts or better, NTP 2nd hole Carol McDonald
Sunday, 10 December
Lake – Men’s Fourball
Total Entrants 54
Winners Gary Athanitis and Geoff Runnalls 49 pts, Runner up Shane Kelly and Robert Hall 48 pts, balls to 40 pts or better, NTP 2nd hole William Lynch.
Lake – ladies Fourball
Total Entrants 18
Winners Anna Castles and Pauline Lynch 45 pts, Runner up Sharyn Wilson and Sue Dawes 44 pts, balls to 36 pts or better, NTP 7th hole Sue Dawes.

YMGCR Ladies’ Golf

Wednesday, December 6:
Christmas Break up - 9 Hole and 18 Hole Ladies combined in a 4 Person Ambrose – 9 Holes
Blue Nine: Winners: Villa Nowacki, Elaine Bellis, Von Dowling and Maggie Flemming (8 3/8) 24 5/8 nett
Runners Up: Mandy Shell, Jennifer Moloney, Sharyn Wilson and Merle Duncan (7 7/8) 25 1/8 nett
Red Nine: Winners: Adele Church, Aileen Buckley, Chris Barry and Wendy Woodburn (7 7/8) 28 5/8 nett
Runners Up: Glenise Duggan, Shirley Walsh, Janice Bond and Wendy Dickson (8 ¼) 29 ¾ nett
Gold Nine: Rhonice Ferguson, Fran Arnold, Linda Thomson and Pauline Ferguson (7 ¾) 29 ¼ nett
Runners Up: Marilyn Keane, Ruth Andrews, Jan Hemphill and Wilma Ridley (7 3/8) 29 5/8 nett
96 golfers played in warm, sunny conditions – complete with a visit from Santa and his Elf, who toasted the Season with Champagne and Orange Juice with each group of players.
Lunch was held in the Willow Room, which was attractively decorated in the theme of the day – “Symbols of Christmas”. The Nativity Scene was beautifully presented and admired by all.
A wide variety of Christmas T-Shirts and suitable headwear was worn by the participants, with some very creative outfits to complement the Theme. Judges Alice Reed and Joan Capewell awarded First Prize to Dot Ringholt’s Christmas Tree outfit.
A tasty Salad Bar Lunch was followed by Joan Capewell’s 90th Birthday Cake – a chocolate sponge, as dessert.
Entertainment was provided with the drawing of 10 Raffle prizes and a presentation from our resident comedian, Anne Quinn. A skit from Karin McKenzie and Gloria Roome, as “Dave and Mabel” was cleverly performed.
The 2017 Season drew to a close, with a break until early February 2018.
Rich Wonga Challenge: Following the Christmas break up, a mass exodus of 40 Lady Golfers travelled to Rich River Golf Club Echuca to compete for the Rich Wonga Trophy. This is the second year of the Challenge, with Rich River being the Host Club for 2017.
Wednesday night was a BBQ tea in the grounds of the Club Motel, followed by a variety of entertainment to break the ice between both groups of players. YMGCR players were very happy to welcome their cheerleader, Glenys Nichols. Day 1 of the Challenge was a 4 Ball Matchplay, held on the West Course. Rich River was the leader of the final scores by one up, 9/8.
NTP Winners YMGCR: 4th Hole – A Grade Julie Kirchen, B Grade Edith Mason; 13th Hole – A Grade Heather Baxter
Day 2 saw Singles Matchplay on the East Course, which saw valiant efforts from YMGCR Ladies, but the Rich River Ladies were far more “au fait” with their home territory. Total scores saw Rich River winning 22/12.
NTP Winners YMGCR: 3rd Hole – B Grade Jan Crozier, 8th Hole – A Grade Karen Droop, B Grade Jan Crozier, 13th Hole – Second Shot B Grade Anne Johnson, 16th Hole – B Grade Dot Ringholt.
The presentation of the Challenge Trophy was made to the Rich River Team, with a total score of 31/20.
The YMGCR Ladies really appreciated the welcome extended by the Rich River Golf Club, the beautiful meals, accommodation and especially the camaraderie between all the players.
Many thanks to Julie Kirchen, for all her input into the organization of the YMGCR team, plus the uniforms were greatly admired!
YMGCR will host the event in December 2018 – Home turf advantage will stir up the Rich River Team!
Merry Christmas to all, have a safe and happy holiday and ready for golf in 2018.

Ho Ho Ho

Last Wednesday the Ladies of Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort celebrated the end of their 2017 golfing year with a 9-hole four-person Ambrose followed by a Christmas break-up party in the beautiful Willow Room.
It was a fantastic day with everyone getting into the spirit. As usual there was a special visit from Santa and one of his elves who took time off from their busy schedule at the North Pole and swapped a reindeer pulled sleigh for the drinks cart and delivered a well-earned champagne to all the ladies out playing. After the game it was time to put the clubs away, dress up and enjoy each-others company.
Rich-Wonga Challenge
40 Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club ladies travelled to Rich River Golf Club this week to contest the Rich Wonga Challenge. This is the second year it has been held and this year it was the Yarra Ladies turn to travel.
It was a 2-round challenge with the first day being a four ball match play and day 2 a singles match play event. It was very even after day 1 with Rich River holding a 1 match lead and half way through the second day the result was still in the balance. Unfortunately for the Yarrawonga ladies they couldn’t maintain the pressure and finally went down to the home team.
It was a fantastic couple of days and the girls were thrilled with the hospitality shown by their opponents. This is a great concept and next year it will be Yarrawonga Mulwala’s turn to host the tournament and hopefully reverse this year’s result.

YMGCR 9 Holes Mens

Tuesday, December 5: Stroke (Pot round) Blue only
71 players.
A Grade – Winner Joe Kapp (11) 30 C/B, Runner up Corny Boers (2) 30
B Grade – Winner Jim Old (15) 27, Runner up Vic Beveridge (15) 28
NTPs 2nd and 4th Ron Hocking, 6th N. Loveridge, 8th Tom Hackett
Thursday, December 7: Stableford 73 players
Blue – Winner Peter Dowie (14) 23 pts, Runner up Joe Borg (11) 22 pts
Red – Winner Kevin Barry (14) 19 pts, Runner up Jim Hunter (16) 18 pts
NTPs Blue – 2nd Paul Byrne, 6th Corny Boers. Red – 2nd Kerry Pendergast, 7th Keith Brown.

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