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December 20, 2017

Yarrawonga Bowls Club
Christmas is rapidly approaching us and Yarrawonga Bowls Club wishes everyone out there a great Christmas and a happy new year.
The results of the pennant games played this week are Mid-Week Open 1’s played YMGCR1’s at Yarrawonga with the results of this match being 50/87 in YMGCR’s favour.
Week- End Pennant team results were; A1’s played Corowa Civic at Corowa Civic with the result being 87/116 in Corowa’s favour. The A3’s played Bright at home with the results of this match being 105/87 in Yarrawonga’s favour.
The B1’s played St. James at St. James and the results of this match were 74/64 in Yarrawonga’s favour. Well done to all teams. Now there is a short break and hopefully all players will return to pennant in the New Year fit and refreshed.
The results of the games played at the club during the last week are;
Monday, December 11 Nominated Pairs 2-4-2 winners were Don Ellis and Bill Jenkins, the runners up were Richard and Jan Hermassoo. The jackpot was won by two teams who shared the prize, John Hyland and Chris Gentle, Roger McKenzie and Ted Edwards. It was good to see 22 teams playing on the greens.
The Scheduled game of Jackpot Triples was called off due to the extreme heat.
On Thursday night 14th December Barefoot Bowls was played with 24 players on the greens and a BBQ before the game.
On Sunday, December 17 a large crowd watched the Men’s and Ladies Singles Championships between Kevin Evans and Tyson Cromie; with Kevin Evans overcoming the early charge from young Tyson to win the honours well played to both. Jan Hermassoo and Evelyn Calder and after a closely fought match Evelyn became the ladies champion for 2017/2018 season. Well played to both these ladies.
The games for the coming week are Wednesday December 20 two Bowl Triples starting at 1pm entry for this game close at 11:30am on the day of the game. Saturday, December 23 Social Bowls starting at 1pm entry for this game close 11:30 am on the day of the game
Until next week good bowling and good health to all and see you in the New Year.
Club Mulwala
Outdoor Bowls
They say time flys when you are having fun, and that seems to be very true with pennant finished for 2017, it seems to have all happened so fast.
Tuesday pennant was played in perfect conditions for bowls.
A4 travelled to St James where the competition proved to be too strong on the day.
B1 travelled to Wareena Park where once again the competition was very tough, some great bowls were played on all rinks, however the hosts were just too strong on the day.
Saturday pennant saw the A4 team travel to hosts Wodonga and once again the result went down to the wire with Wodonga in front when it counted.
Club men’s and ladies single championship matches are continuing weather permitting, keep an eye on the board for dates and times.
There are sheets up for the Christmas break up, check out the notice board so that you do not miss out.

Barefoot Bowls
The club is running barefoot bowls over the Christmas - New Year holiday period.  They will be held on 28th December, 4rd and 11th of January at 6.30pm..  Names will need to be in by 5.30pm on the day.
This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to have a great family night out to come along and enjoy some fun bowls.
Bowls will be provided as needed, with a special rink and bowls made available for smaller children.
Club members will be on hand to provide assistance.
There will be two games of 8 ends, the cost of $5.00 per person will include a sausage in bread with drinks available for purchase.
All levels of bowlers are invited to come along and have a great night of fun.
To all bowlers we wish you a very happy Christmas and safe New Year, see you on a green in 2018.
On Tuesday YMGCR 1 played Yarrawonga at Yarra which is always a hard battle.  YMGCR1 came away with a solid win 12/87 to 2/50.
Greg Green rink lead all day and won 23/17, Laureen Smith had a tough battle to lose 19/23 and Anne Miles had a flying start and continued for the rest of the day to record a fantastic win 45/10.
YMGCR 2 played Rutherglen at home and won 12/79 to 2/68. Rob Hummel had a good win 28/22, Bob Adams just went down 22/24 and Kerry Kinnane winning 29/22, this takes them to fifth on the table.
YMGCR A3 played Wangaratta 2 at Wang and winning 12/74 to 2/58 this now puts them two games clear on top.  Siggi Rempal had another comfortable win 27/15, and the every reliable Bob Liddell winning 23/18, and Les Balfour just going down 24/25.
The B1‘s played Corowa Civic at home and in a trilling and nail biting game winning by one shot 12/64 to 2/63.With Ian Cumming rink winning 21/19 and Robyn Balfour winning 28/15 and with the scores level on the last end Carolyn Boston 15/29 rink won the game on a very tight measure. This is a good lesson for all our players, you might be getting thrashed all day but you can still have a big say at the finish.
Wednesday two bowl triples was cancelled due to the heat.
This week the A1’s travelled to Kiewa, on a green running between 19-20 seconds and with three rinks playing the last end the scores were tied, with Ray Irvine’s team down six shots, Ray drew second shot.
Jimmy LeFevre picked up a two and Garry Sanders picking up a four, the final score being 16/89 to 2/84, Jimmy LeFevre 25/15, Garry Sanders 23/21, Ray Irvine 25/18 and Rod Jones 16/30, they have moved to third on the ladder.
The A3’s had a tough road trip to Wodonga and had a great win 16/100 to Wodonga 2/82; the top rink again was the Cat‘s team winning 31/15, Bob Adams rink was rock solid all day winning 26/19. Robert Lidgerwood rink got jumped at the start but battle all day and came out victories 24/19, Ray Brown lost 19/29, and this now puts them on top of the ladder.
The A4’s played Corowa Services winning 14/118 to 4/91, Tony Durkins rink had a unbelievable win winning 45/11, with great support from Siggi Rempal rink getting up 39/22, Garry Hart playing for the first time as skip had a tough battle going down 20/22, Les Balfour lost 14/36, this keeps them second on the ladder.
The B2’s had another good win 12/91 to Corowa Services 2/71, with Noel Millars rink the stars of the day winning 39/16, and Kenny Barnes winning in a close battle 27/25, Bob Tett going down 25/30, this keeps them on top of the ladder.
The highlight of the week came with our B3’s recording a win against Corowa Civic who was second on the ladder, 12/87 to 2/54. Ian Morffew’s team playing a great game winning 38/10 and Peter Bellis winning 29/12 and playing his first game of the year Keith Eade putting in a brave showing losing 20/29. Well done to all the new bowlers who really enjoyed the victory.

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