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January 24, 2018

To the Editor,

I would like to publicly thank everyone who supported and contributed to the very successful Community Christmas Day lunch that was held by Mulwala Football Netball Club.
Our aim was to provide a welcoming environment and a lovely lunch for local people who would normally have been alone for Christmas. I’m happy to say I think we achieved our goal.
Thank you to our guests for joining us for Christmas lunch.
We had 30 people from our wider community join us for a hearty meal, a few drinks, lots of conversation and some gifts to go home with. We sincerely hope you enjoyed your day and please know that we enjoyed hosting you all.
The club gratefully received support from a wide section of Mulwala and Yarrawonga businesses and community members alike.
Firstly, I wish to acknowledge the person who made the lunch possible in the first place. Allan Brennan was our chef extraordinaire. The meal that was presented to our guests was wonderful and I know all went home well fed. Allan was very ably assisted in the kitchen by members of his own family, with the kitchen running so smoothly you would have thought that the luncheon was a weekly event.
Thank you also to our volunteers - Kate, Jan Hocking, Marj, Rod & Ben Sissons, Rod Beard, Ray Hines and Michael Beard for helping both on the day and in the lead up to the event. I personally, was very humbled by the support for the lunch from our community. I am very proud to be part of the Mulwala and Yarrawonga community.
On behalf of myself and the club I would like to acknowledge the following people, businesses, and organisations for their generous support of our Christmas Lunch.
Thank you to everyone, listed in no particular order -family of George Renshaw, Payet Family, Elliott Family, Peter & Linda Savy, Penny Tregenza, Robyn Cowell & Family, Cheryl Jarvis, Lake Mulwala Bakery, Blend Studio Mulwala, Leo Kelly, The Naked Tree, Soul Sisters Lashes & Beauty, Rich Glen Olive Estate, Flourish Sourdough, Fresh Décor, JuddsMensland, Mulwala Water Ski Club, Club Mulwala, Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort , PS Cumberoona, Mulwala Progress Association, MHA Care, MV Paradise Queen, Yarrawonga Custom Plasma Cutting, K.A.F.’s Fruit Supply, Lions Club of Yarrawonga, Central Murray Credit Union, Foodworks Mulwala, Yarrawonga Mulwala Tourism & Business, Yarrawonga Chronicle.
The club does plan to host Christmas Day lunch again this year, details will be advertised in the second half of the year and finally we would like to wish everyone a happy and safe 2018.

Yours faithfully
Tash Rust
MFNC Committee Member

Everybody’s doing it

As the song goes “Everybody’s doing it”, but not, so far, Yarrawonga. Tungamah, Devenish and Goorambat are committed to it, and St James is considering it.  Silo art, that is.
Judging from the one at Brim in Western Victoria, silo art transforms what are iconic but eyesore structures into ones that are pleasing to the eye and an attractive tourist feature. The silos on McNally Street, which are visible from even out of town, seem to be ideal candidates for sprucing up with a giant art work.

Mick Shadwick, Burramine

Advice to boaters

I have a message to the boating enthusiasts who are dealing with government attempts to shut down their activities in the Bundalong area along the Murray River: Welcome to the world of the region’s food and fibre producers.
I have been following attempts by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and others to ban ‘wake enhancing activities’ and there are so many similarities with food production it is scary.
Based on my experiences, here is some advice:
Draft plan – MDBA speak for ‘this is what we are going to do’.
Consultation – MDBA speak for ‘say what you like, but we have no intention of taking any notice or changing our draft plan’.
Socio-economic impacts – not something the MDBA cares about.
Facts – see socio-economic impacts
Scientific evidence – if it suits MDBA agenda it’s indisputable. If it doesn’t suit the agenda it doesn’t exist.
It was especially interesting to read comments from Member for Ovens Valley Tim McCurdy, highlighting his concerns that only five to seven per cent of river erosion seems to be contributed by boat users, with the rest attributed to the rise and fall of the river.
This rise and fall has been exacerbated by the MDBA’s philosophy of pouring water down the river, despite mounting scientific evidence of the damage being caused (refer to (e) above). It also ignores all evidence that tells us this ‘just add water’ approach is causing a carp breeding explosion, leading to further environmental damage.
Likewise, evidence of socio-economic damage is ignored or consistently downplayed.
I note a comment from the recent public meeting at Bundalong where authorities said they thought the socio-economic impact of their proposed bans “would be minimal”. In reality, they don’t know and nor do they don’t care.
Food and fibre producers have been fighting for years to get some fairness into the complex issue of appropriately sharing water resources, but getting the MDBA to acknowledge its own shortcomings, or flaws in the Basin Plan which it implements, appears an impossible dream, despite the fact this is supposed to be an independent body.
I wish boating enthusiasts all the best in your endeavours, but suspect you will probably keep running into brick walls from a government-run body with a political agenda.  Minority groups that are collateral damage do not come into calculations.

Yours faithfully
Nigel Hicks
Wyuna, Vic

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