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April 11, 2018

Boats out stay mooring regs

If you take a stroll along the foreshore of Lake Mulwala down past the Yarrawonga Yacht Club what you would see now is nothing like the environment that excited two years ago.
What has changed? Firstly let’s talk about Chinanmans Island and the surrounding lagoon. This area has had a great brigade of volunteers who are dedicated to creating and maintaining a habitat and environment conducive to wildlife. This group, plus Moira Shire, have invested in planting, creating walking paths, playground facilities so all visitors can enjoy their time in this area.
About ten years ago the original banks either side of the yacht club launching ramps had deteriorated to the point where they required immediate attention.
The yacht club sought and was granted permission from Goulburn Murray Water to both stabilise the banks and erect wharfing for the day use of water craft visitors.
This work was carried out by yacht club volunteers when the lake was drained.
The yacht club only uses this facility for Sunday racing and two regattas per year. No yachts have permanent water moorings, hence our storage compound.
What has happened now?
Have you had a look at what has happened to the beautiful lagoon area. Up to a dozen barby boats and other craft have been permanently mooring in the area, some before Christmas.
Rather than remove them when not in use, despite regulations that demand this, some have not moved in three months. In essence this area has become a parking lot for rarely used pleasure craft.
They have caused significant damage to the banks, reeds and wharfing, mainly because of tethering their craft without regard for different lake water levels.
How can we fix this problem?

Tom Hutchison
Club Captain
Yarrawonga Yacht Club

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