Mulwala Netball

June 14, 2018

A Grade

Mulwala 41 def by Cobram 62

The Tigers came out ready for war playing a fast paced, loud and aggressive style of play. The Lions tried to match them but resulted in numerous errors. Once the Lions settled into playing their game with varied pace they were able to bring the score to a respectable margin. 

The Lions small defence end with Cara, Brodie and LJ tried hard all day, but height on the tigers’ side was a factor. Brit Hanley returned to the injury stricken side and looked like she never missed a beat. 

Jordy, Grace and Steph were trying hard to finish off every opportunity they were presented with. 

The Lions never gave up with some gutsy turnovers, but the Tigers took every chance possible and were accurate in goals, finishing the game too strong for the depleted Lions side.

Awards: All 8 girls contributed well - No awards this week.

B Grade 

Mulwala 36 def by Cobram 53

The Tigers came out firing and were tall and physical. This stunned the young Lions’ brigade in the first quarter. The girls adjusted to the game better in the second quarter with some great turnovers and Teags and Tea finishing well.  

The girls had opportunities in the last half to bring the game back within their reach. They dug deep and gave it their all, but errors were costly allowing the Tigers to maintain their winning margin against the Lions. 

Plenty of positives to take from the match and still lots to learn and build into their game. 

Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Teagan Panter, MFNC Rewards Card – Morgan Pitces, Judds Yarrawonga – Emme Shand.

C Grade 

Mulwala 27 def by Cobram 28

A ferocious game this round against Cobram showed the two sides were closely matched in skill and tenacity. At the end of quarter 1 the Lions were up by 3. 

During the second quarter both teams gained the lead several times, being rattled by each other and then regaining composure. 

At half time the scores were even at 15-15. In the third quarter the fierce desire to take the lead continued in a show of unparalleled intensity and rough play by both sides. 

At the end of the third quarter Lions trailed by just 1 goal. Mulwala kept their heads, ran hard, attacked and defended with everything they had. 

The game remained an even fight with neither side giving up, however at the final siren Cobram stole the lead by 1 goal. 

An amazing show of grit and strength that every one of our girls should be proud of against a competitive Cobram side. 

Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Claire Dawson, MFNC Rewards Card – Kathryn Maddox, Mulwala Pharmacy – Brianna Magro. 

C Reserve 

Mulwala 54 def Cobram 48

C Res started off the blocks strongly in every area of the game, great defensive and offensive pressure and the first half score showed how well the Lions can play. The second quarter Cobram responded well however Mulwala kept to the game plan and lead at half time convincingly. 

Positional changes in the second half gave the younger girls a chance to get on the court and keep up the pressure. Whilst Mulwala came out with a solid win, they still have a way to go with possession and patience. 

Fantastic game girls, the effort on court is starting to pay off, just need four solid quarters.

Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Stassy McCarthy, MFNC Rewards Card – Bethany Robinson, One Zach – Montanah Moon.

17 & under 

Mulwala 34 defeated Cobram 30

The Lions started well this week, determined to overcome the sluggish start that had become their nemesis. Strong drives and accurate shooting resulted in a 1 goal lead going into the first break. 

The second quarter was the game changer, with the Lions piling on 10 goals to Cobram’s 3, mainly due to the awesome work in defence by Heidi and Abbey, who continued to turn the ball over and send it back down into attack. 

Tess and Jess combined well through the centre court and defensive pressure was excellent across the court. In the second half the Tigers responded, however the Lions kept their heads and matched the efforts of Cobram to level the quarter. 

Mulwala finally learnt the advantage of a strong start, holding on to win by 4 goals, whilst the Tigers desperately tried to close the gap. 

AWARDS: Foodworks Top Lion – Heidi Magro, YMGCR – Olivia Psaltiras, Wingates – Hollie McNamara.

15 & under 

Mulwala 15 defeated by Cobram 37.

Lucky that the rain stayed away this weekend for the game against Cobram. The girls had a slow start after no training this week, only scoring one goal to Cobram’s 5. A tall opposition made it hard for the Lions to pass, catch and shoot accurately but the girls didn’t give up and continued to chip away at the score. Some more work on basics at training, and building team confidence will make the girls a stronger side.

Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Lara Langford, YMGCR – Abbey Matthews, Judds Yarrawonga – Freya Fletcher.

13 & under 

Mulwala 22 def Cobram 16

What a fantastic game by the Mulwala U13’s this week. There were some great passages down the court which made it almost impossible for Cobram to intercept. 

The Lions remained vocal for the entire game, which boosted morale and showed that the Lions are a team that stands together. 

Well done on a great contest and continue to enjoy your netball. 

Awards:   Foodworks Top Lion – Chloe Burgess, YMGCR – Jess Linehan, McDonalds – Leni Miller and Belinna Walshe.


Mulwala 11 def by Cobram 17

The Lions played a fantastic game of netball against Cobram this week. They led for the ball, put their set plays into action and encouraged each other. 

Marni and Leoni are proving to be a great combination in the centre court. Reese was a superstar in defence, she read the ball well and applied pressure all game. 

Milla stepped up for her debut from the 11’s and slotted into the team well. 

She made her opponent work hard for the ball and rebounded like a champion. Cobram were the strongest team on the day but the Lions never gave up and put on a great game of netball. 

Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Marni Hoskings, YMGCR – Leoni Eder, Travel & Cruise Yarrawonga – Reese Sanderson, McDonalds – Milla Fletcher.

 11 & under 

Mulwala 10 def by Cobram 13

What an awesome match. The girls this week really improved their play and worked super well down the court. After hard work at training, the Lions have learnt a range of new things, including split leads and straight drives down the court.

With consistently timing her leads perfectly, Milla was able to help bring the ball down the court after grabbing multiple intercepts, along with Grace who also showed confidence in her defence. The girls didn’t come away with a win, but each of them did walk away with the satisfaction of improving their play. 

Awards: Foodworks Top Lion – Milla Fletcher, YMGCR – Grace Ewert, Travel & Cruise Yarrawonga – Myley McGlynn, MFNC Dinner – Maisee Pell.

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