More rebates for solar program

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

Residents in Northern Victoria are encouraged to take part in the next phase of the government’s landmark Solar Homes program.

More rebates for solar panels, batteries and hot water systems kicked off from July 1, 2019. 

Across Victoria, in 2019/20, the Solar Homes program will:

support the installation of 40,000 rooftop solar systems on private homes and community-owned housing 

deliver 2,000 solar panel systems on rental properties

fund 6,000 households to get solar hot water systems installed and; 

deliver solar battery rebates for 1,000 households which already have solar in growth areas

This builds on the 32,000 domestic solar installations already delivered since the program was launched in August - helping thousands of Victorian households drive down their energy bills and reduce damaging carbon emissions.  

In regional Victoria the program has already delivered 15,625 of domestic rooftop solar systems. 

More rebates will now be available from the first day of each month, along with no-interest loans to further reduce upfront costs. 

In a win for local households, the rebate application process has been simplified to make it even easier to apply, meaning the rebate will now be applied by the retailer at the point of sale – instead of putting the onus on the customer.

To apply simply contact a qualified solar retailer to obtain a quote and they will start the application process. Assistance is available for those who do not have access to the internet by contacting Solar Victoria on 1300 363 744.

For more information about the Solar Homes program and how to apply visit