Mulwala Netball

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

A Grade

Mulwala 45 defeated Numurkah 24.

The young Lions fought the young Blues. Scores were pretty level over the first half but the girls really stepped it up in the second. 

A top effort by Dee playing WD and Morgan stepping into GK turning over many balls. Hollie was super as she moved strong and bombed in many goals. Well done girls.

Awards: Burkes Hotel- Hollie McNamara, Rewards Card- Delaynee Moon, Mug- Morgan.

B Grade

Mulwala 55 defeated Numurkah 23.

The girls played well as a team this week. Working well together all down the court. Their defensive pressure was exceptional causing many turnovers throughout the game. 

The girls adapted well with the changes during the game, coming off with another great win.  

Awards: Yarrawonga Hotel- Tea Glass, Rewards Card- Georgia Glass.

C Grade

Mulwala 48 defeated Numurkah 26.

In a close game in round 5 Mulwala C Grade came out firing. Young guns Chelsea and Cheyenne gave it their all and drove well down the court. The two Brit’s at both ends shot and defended their hearts out. Mulwala veteran Shanny Purtle showed she still has it as she tore up the court for her 350th game and took home the mug award. 

Continuing their undefeated streak the girls had a great win. 

Awards: Royal Mail Hotel Mulwala - Cheyenne Nixon, Rewards Card- Chelsea Kirchen, Mug Award-Shandell Purtle.

Under 17s

Mulwala 43 defeated Numurkah 22.

A great team effort this week from the Lions, a strong start gave the girls a steady lead coming into the second half. 

Accurate shooting and tight defence created room for the girls to move fluently down the court. 

Two great nights of training with the senior girls this week really helped them focus on those little errors from the previous weeks and really improve their netball skills. 

Awesome win girls you all played amazing. 

Awards: Papalias- Danielle Harris, Thursday meal voucher- Cheyenne Nixon.

Under 15s

Mulwala 31 defeated Numurkah 10.

Awards: Purtle Electrical – Chloe Burgess, Lake Mulwala Bakery – Freya Fletcher, MFNC Dinner voucher – Jazyah Young Mail.

No report submitted.

Under 13s

Mulwala 5 defeated by Numurkah 27.

It was a slow start against a tough opposition. The Lions struggled to get in front and move the ball down the court. 

However the defensive pressure was fantastic all over the court and Mulwala did wear them down throughout the game. 

Grace, Milla and Jaz H didn’t give up all game in defence and adjusted their game to shut down the shooters. 

The Lions shooters Brigit and Mylee moved well in the ring and have great potential. 

The score doesn’t reflect what a hard fought game this was.  

Awards: Travel & Cruise Yarrawonga- Grace Ewert, Mulwala Bakery - Milla Fletcher Thursday night meal voucher- Mylee McGlynn.

Under 11s

Mulwala 12 defeated by Numurkah 23.

The girls started strong in defence, Charli E and Jemma rebounding missed shots. But Numurkah goalies were accurate throughout the game and lead the way with strong passes and defence. 

Mulwala goalies Maisee, Emily and Ruby positioned well and were fed accurately by Crystal and Charli T. Maisee in defence with Charli E in the last quarter shut down Numurkah goalies and Mulwala went to a new level. 

However, Numurkah were too good in the end. 

Awards: Paradise Palms- Maisee, Travel & Cruise Yarrawonga- Crystal, Mulwala Bakery- Charlie.