Tungamah Netball

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

A Grade

Tungamah 33 defeated by Finley 53.

The girls got off to a slow start in the first quarter, but in the second quarter had the determination to stick at it slow down the game. 

Molly and Abbey both worked well in the defensive end getting heaps of taps and intercepts. 

Finley’s constant pressure meant some of the Bears passes and poor choices let them down, but all the work at training helped to bring the ball down the court.

Awards: Best on Court and Thyme for Coffee Award - Molly Saunders, Judds Award - Victoria Bruce,Tungamah Hotel Award - Milly Kelly.

B Grade

Tungamah 24 defeated by Finley 37.

Tungamah started the first quarter with strong leads, and precise passes.

Tayla and Caity stuck to their players and defended hard with the end of the first quarter seeing them only 3 goals down.

The second quarter Finley came back firing with accurate shooting they were ahead by 7 goals at half time.

Brodie and Jorja worked hard in defense getting their hands to lots of rebounds, Lani and Mariah ran hard in the centre, Mikayla in WA found space to drive to her vision and feeding into the goals was precise.

Kara and Felicity worked well in the ring, but this week some shots decided not to drop, this combined with too many bad passes and decision making throughout the court saw the girls go down by 14 goals.

The girls didn’t give up and fought to the end. 

Awards: Brew It - Brodie Gissing, Judds - Mikayla Bruce. 

C Grade

Tungamah 29 defeated Finley 25

All players were keen for a win to celebrate Danielle Sidebottom’s 200th game. The first centre was Tungamah’s and the girls scored straight away. 

Every player applied awesome pressure all over the court. The rebounds were taken cleanly at both ends and the Bears lead by 2 at quarter time. 

Tungamah kept the pressure up in the second and third quarters and made sure they made smart passes and the margin remained at 2 at half time and three-quarter time. 

The last quarter saw the players really give it their all and the Bears won by 4. 

Kait and Amber were fantastic in defence. Danielle and Leanne worked the ring tirelessly and made plays even when the ball looked out. 

Bernadette, Bridget, Brooke and Olivia always backing each other up and making their opponents work hard. 

Thanks to Kylie and Sally for supporting the team from the bench. 

Congratulations to Danielle on your 200th.

C Res

No game.

Under 17s 

Tungamah 37 defeated Finley 34. 

With the sun shining it was a perfect day for netball. Still missing a large section of the original team four under 15s stepped up for the day and they did that perfectly. 

The Bears girls came out strong playing a brilliant first quarter seeing it 9 a piece at quarter time. 

The shooters played well supported by great feeding from the attackers. 

The team saw Penny’s versatility this week playing in centre for a half and possibly proving she’s capable of anything. 

Chloe L and Piper shot fantastic all day never dropping their heads. 

By half time the scoreboard showed Tungamah up by one goal and they were ready for some changes to be made. 

Third quarter the defensive end played strong with hands over plenty of balls resulting in multiple turn overs. 

This allowed the Bears to pull away with the lead of 10 heading into the last. 

In the fourth quarter Finley came out firing and made the girls work really hard to hold onto their lead and they managed to pull off a 3-goal win. 

Awesome effort girls. 

Next week the Bears will enjoy a bye before meeting Cobram in two weeks’ time with the full team back on deck. 

Thanks again to Piper, Frances, Hayley and Emma for stepping up from Under 15s.

Awards: Wingates Sport - Piper Poll, Subway - Penny Thomson, McDonalds - Chloe Charnstrom.

Under 15s

Tungamah 9 defeated by Finley 36.

No report submitted. 

Under 13s 

Tungamah 4 defeated by Finley 34.

For the second time the Bears came up against the mighty strong Finley girls. 

Tungamah reached the mercy rule at the end of three-quarter time showing improvement on the last game against them as then it was at half time. 

This proves the girls game development as a team and hard work is paying off. 

This week the awards went to Lily as she shows her strong development working the centre court and Victoria with her great effort working and feeding the girls in the ring.

Awards: McDonalds - Lily Spithill, Crusty Loaf - Victoria Laffin. 

Under 11s 

Tungamah 17 defeated Finley 7

The mini Bears are on fire at the moment with a 3rd straight win as they are working so well as a team which shows on the scoreboard.

The team welcomed back Emily C this week and she played so well in both WD and GK, Chaye also had a turn at WD and both girls’ speed out at C passes caused turnovers. 

Maddie played the game of her career as GS, she couldn’t do anything wrong, always making space in the ring, doing the splits to get closer to ring and after every goal she turned and smiled at the crowd to ensure mum saw. 

Alani was amazing at getting any rebounds as GA and also made great space in the ring. 

Shylee as C had lightning speed reflexes and vision to power the ball into the ring as soon as the girls became available.

Chloe returned from holidays and chased all loose balls and was able to read play and intercept passes. Molly didn’t stop running this week, always keeping up with her opponent.

Elli had a change of pace this week and tried WA and totally owned the position, she was always in front and there as an option for a pass. 

Emily B has been listening to coach Deb with some defending tactics and got intercepts galore.

A great team performance. Keep it up girls.

Awards: McDonald’s - Chaye Saunders, Crusty Loaf - Emily Casley, Subway - Maddie Purtell.