Southern 80 gets a major overhaul for 2020

By Riverine Herald

IN A radical change to “reinvigorate” the Southern 80, Moama Water Sports Club has decided to run its showcase Bakers Blitz/President’s Dash in a reverse format.

Traditionally the big guns of the business – the Superclass boats – have been given the clear water to set some blistering times.

But club president Steve Shipp (pictured) has written to all competitors explaining the changes for 2020.

Shipp said the club has been wanting “to do more for spectators; and make our event more exciting”.

“We have decided the Bakers Blitz/President’s Dash will run slowest team to fastest,” he said.

“The boats will be seeded by the SRA Seeding Committee as normal; however this will entail boat 40, if there are that many in the shootout, being first away, with the race slowly getting faster until boat No.1 takes off.

“All the boats will be two minutes apart, except for the 10 fastest, which will be three minutes apart.

“There will be a special briefing for those selected to run in the 2020 Bakers Blitz/President’s Dash at a time to be advised when race numbers come out.”

Shipp said a big attraction for the change was neither spectators nor teams would know who was going to win until the last boat – the No.1 – comes across the finish line.

He said they were also looking at doing some live coverage at both the start and finish line areas, with split times will be displayed on the big screen at the finish line.

“We encourage everyone to be there to see who will wear the No. 1 on Sunday, with all teams starting from fastest to slowest as normal.

“This is a big change for our race, and we hope everyone can support it.”