Tigers celebrated in style

By Robert Muir

About 40 people including players, selectors, trainers and committeemen came from far and wide to attend a 40-year Katamatite football premiership reunion luncheon which extended to 7.00pm on Saturday, June 29.

They reminisced, told stories, shared jokes, sang the club’s theme song and had a great time, renewing that strong premiership bond formed in 1979.

As Master of Ceremonies, Trevor (Stan) Mills did an outstanding job, speaking about all of the people who made that memorable day 40 years ago.

When Bill (Silver) Jones was appointed coach in 1977, the club had a three-year plan; Peter Kennedy, Jack Ellis, Roy Thorn, Ron (Skinny) Flanigan and Brian Flanigan were among the men behind the scenes.

In 1977, the Tigers hadn’t won a game but recruited about 10 players in 1978 and were beaten by Katandra in the preliminary final by seven points.

It was tables turn the following year, however, with that tremendous 17.11.13 to 14.15.99 grand-final win over Katandra.

The MC spoke about every player and his contribution to the club’s second-only premiership at that stage.

The Flanigan brothers, Darren and Ross, debated who milked the more cows. Gary (EFar) Edis turned up the decibels and could be heard down the street, Artie Dingle dedicated a song ‘A Pub With No Beer’ to the Katy Pub, Des (Bulldozer ESM OAM) O’Meara kept the bartender busy helping the local economy, Paul Brooks, Phil (Crowbar) Barnes and Steve Ronaldson replayed the game more times than Clive Palmer’s TV ads before this year’s Federal Election, and Aidy Wren, and Stan Mills impersonated Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Rex Hunt and Bruce McAvaney.

Another reunion may take place in five years as some consider 10 years is too long. EFar Edis predicted within the suggested five-year period, the Western Bulldogs would probably have two or three more premiership flags.