Library heading to detailed designs

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

The Yarrawonga Library redevelopment is moving forward with N2SH Pty Ltd being awarded the contract for the design and preparation to construct the proposed Yarrawonga Library, Events and Performance Precinct.

After a low interest community infrastructure loan of $3.75 million towards the construction by Moira Shire Council was approved by the Treasury Corporation Victoria (TCV), the project is moving through to the next stage.

However not all councillors were for the motion to award the contract as a number would like to see all avenues exhausted and the heritage listing outcome known first.

“It is a procedural matter but it will be exciting as the Yarrawonga Library is the second most used library after Shepparton,” said Cr Peter Mansfield.

“We have gone through a lengthy process to get to this stage.

“We have accommodated all for and against and we should be getting on with the job.”

“It will be beneficial for the community,” added Cr Gary Cleveland.

Crs Kevin Bourke, Wendy Buck and Marie Martin were all against the motion with Cr Bourke and Buck commenting on the  

“My feeling is we’re jumping the gun and this should be deferred to exhaust all avenues first,” Cr Bourke said.

Cr Buck was against the motion putting forward a shadow motion saying “we should defer this decision until the outcome of the heritage listing had been heard.”

The original motion was carried with a call for division requested.