Hoppers’ 155-point win to end season

Daniel Bolton helped his side to a 155 point win, kicking 2 majors. Photo by Les_Garbutt

Rennie 8.5, 13.9, 21.15, 27.23.185.

Mathoura 0.2, 3.5, 3.5, 4.6.30.

Goals: Rennie: C. Sudholz 5, D. Clarke 4, H. Haley 4, J. Cooke 2, C. Strawhorn 2, D. Boulton 2, T. McKimmie 2, T. Kennedy 1, H. Long 1, C. Wallace 1, P. McCallum 1, J. Stevenson 1, A. Donovan 1.

Mathoura: N. Ferrari 2, M. Worsnop 1, T. Creighton 1.

Best: Rennie: C. Sudholz, J. Kennedy, T. McKimmie, B. Coghill, T. Kennedy, J. Cooke.

Mathoura: S. Wright, T. Creighton, J. Duggan.

A cold winter’s day saw the Hoppers take on Mathoura in the last game of the season for Seniors and Under 14’s.

The Timbercutters have struggled all season and the Hoppers were looking to finish their year on a high.

They were even throughout the match except for a lapse late in term 2 and won by 155 points.

Ollie Ridley handballs to a teammate before being caught by an opponent. Photo by Les_Garbutt

13 players were able to get on the scoreboard, with Hayden Long kicking a goal in his first senior game for the club, and Jack Cooke who has toiled manfully for the club at full back sneaking forward in the last quarter to snag 2 goals.

McKimmie and Sudholz were dominant in the middle, Coghill’s aerial ability was again outstanding, and Jack Kennedy was elite with the ball.

In a season where injuries and depth issues took their toll, to get 4 wins and a draw was a reasonable effort.

The ability to introduce 25 new senior players throughout the season has showed turnover problems but can only bode well for the club particularly with some highly skilled youngsters coming through.

Coach Harry Haley has been reappointed for season 2023 where the Hoppers will look to move into finals calculations.

Awards: Best on Ground: Tom McKimmie and Cam Sudholz.

Jack Kennedy, Hayden Long and Ben Coghill.

Leon Wolfe stretches for a contested mark in front of a Mathoura opponent. Photo by Les_Garbutt


No game.

Under 17s

Rennie 30.17.197 defeated Mathoura 4.3.27.

The Hoppers were greeted by a nice clear and warm pitch to begin the footy action for the day, although several Mathoura boys pulled out, leading to a rotation of Hopper boys playing for them.

Rennie began early on the ball. The swift hands of Cope, Kennedy and McInness had the ball moving forward the entire quarter, where Brogan capitalised on 3 goals, with the Hoppers taking an early 58 point lead at the end of the first.

Not much changed after that either; the ball was lost and Rennie kept on kicking goals, and by half time there was a 120 point margin.

In the third, Kelly stepped it up, booting 5 for the quarter.

In the fourth, there was a large barrage of goalkickers, the most significant being Clarke, who ended up bagging 3 to finish the game.

Goals: B. Kennedy 6, L. Kelly 5, C. deOleveira 3, J. Brogan 3, B. Burrows 2, C. Tanner 2, N. Clarke 2, D. Herrod 1, T. Lovel 1, H. Lonergan 1, L. Burrows 1, D. McInness 1, J. Bassett 1, R. Vodusek 1.

Best: B. Kennedy, L. Kelly, J. Bassett, O. Cope, D. McInness, C. deOleveira.

Awards: Murray Valley Rural Services - Rhys Ludbey, Paternoster Farms - Ryder Oliver, Wingates - Daniel Herrod, Bull Plain Farms - Noah Clarke, C and T Rhodes - Brad Burrows.

Under 14s

Rennie 21.13.139 defeated Mathoura 4.2.26.

Great way to finish the year winning by 113 points and getting 16 different goal scorers for the match.

Coach Lawless has set these young boys and girls up with a solid structure and understanding of the game which will only benefit them in the future.

Everyone received an award that was kindly sponsored by Lake Mulwala Bakery.

Goals: A. Lawless 4, B. Strawhorn 3, T. Lawless 1, D. Rhodes 1, C. Bourke 1, K. Magro 1, J. Rhodes 1, R. Briffa 1, L. Burrows 1, Z. Rhodes 1, F. Strawhorn 1, J. Langford 1, L. Rhodes 1, E. Withers 1, T. Clarkson 1, C. Strawhorn 1.

Best: T. Clarkson, C. Stephens, B. Strawhorn, A. Lawless, F. Strawhorn, E. Withers.

So most of the football club have this Saturday off and wait to find out where the Ressies and under 17’s finish on the ladder and where they will play.

Social notes

Great effort by Paula, Laura and their team for LMS on Sunday.

Winners were: 1st - Liz Ward, 2nd - Kaelene Welsh and 3rd - Emily Stanley.